Hey, mom! I’m on MTV! – live taping of “MTV’s The Stage”

I’ve officially been to MTV Studios NYC  and MTV Studios Seoul!

I applied to work at MTV Asia/Korea a long time ago and had this grand vision that it’d be this smacktacular building – it looked like any regular business place in Seoul, except with the MTV sign and pics of celebrities outside. Parts of the office though matche the flashy look of the  NYC office, just on a smaller scale.

Anyway, I got an invite from a friend and was able to attend this very low key invite-only performance in downtown Seoul. There were about 200 people at most and there were some random “out of place” people there – ahjoomas (old ladies), ahjuhshis (old men). Not quite sure if they were real fans, but more power to them if they were!

I chilled in the back during the taping. I am not one for video cameras so I tried to lay low. Unfortunately, since it was a live taping, I wasn’t able to get any photos or video. But in a quick gist, Palo Alto started the set, did two of his songs, and then was followed up by Bizzy. He performed two of my faves from his album, “All In,” and “해어진 다음날 (After the night we broke up)”. The second song is a remix of a really popular ballad that came out from classic K-Pop days, and I’m huge on old school K-Pop 🙂

Anyway, JK came out and did “Monster,” with a live band rather than the regular MR (instrumental). The drums create a pretty cool effect and gets your heart pumpin’. He followed with “Isolated Ones! Stand Up!” and was soon joined by Tasha. However, the highlight of the performance is when they both did “True Romance,” together. The song was voted as best couple song (it expresses their love for each other). Tasha and JK are seen as the epitome celebrity relationship here in Korea.

Post show, they do interviews and eat some damn good food in one of the break rooms. I’m invited in, but MTV is taping it as part of the show and again I’m camera shy. So I starved on the sidelines 😦

After all the madness dies, I was able to get this message from JK & Tasha to their fans. Short, sweet, but definitely awesome. It’s rare that the two are able to do a shoutout to their fans on video in English, so them doing this vid was much appreciated. Enjoy!

Dynamic Duo’s 10th anniversary concert: The last hoorah

A week ago, I was given the chance to attend Dynamic Duo (one of founding members of the Movement) last concert ever. The duo, Choiza and Gaeko, have been rapping together for nearly 10 years and started their careers circa 1998 as members of CB Mass. They also played a key role in the first few years of DT’s career, helping JK and Shine (the original duo) get ahead in the K-hiphop world. However, Korea has finally called on Choiza & Gaeko to join the army and the two are retiring from the rap game for good.

The setting is Olympic Hall in Seoul. The performance hall looks to hold about 10,000 people and is nearly completely sold out. MYK is sitting not too far from me. He did the intro for Dynamic’s Last Days album and is currently signed with Epik High’s new label. There are a few others around me that look familiar too.

Many of Dynamic’s past collaborators showed up to do a song or two with them. Many were on their feet for DD, and possibly the most unexpected moment was when they performed “나침밤 (compass),” their first single as CB MASS. Of course, the surprise appearances by Sean2Slow, Kim BumSoo, etc. and the live band versions of their singles brought an equal amount of excitement for their fans.

The crowd jumps as JK enters the stage and starts performing “Monster.” It’s my first time hearing it in concert, and it’s clearly another DT hit that gets everyone insanely riled up and crazy at shows. JK didn’t even have to coach the crowd to say the words–the words “발라 버려 (brush it off)” erupted from every corner. Tasha later came out and did “Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward!” with DD and JK. She finished her set with “Pay Day.” JK wraps his scarf around her neck and tries to do a dance with Tasha on stage, but the scarf gets unexpectedly stuck on her lol. They both brush it off with a laugh.

Post concert, there are celebrations backstage. Video cameras document the last backstage hoorah, some wine bottles are popped, Choiza gets a water cooler poured over his head (a la Superbowl victory style). There is a feeling of relief and sadness because it;s the end of an era.

JK and some of the others are taken to do interviews. JK calls it “doing his Hollywood thing.” Tasha and I sit on the side and catch up. She looks fantastic for a new mom (Seriously–WOW).

JK comes back and looks at the emptied wine bottle. He mentions that he can’t drink anymore due to his health and has avoided drinking for years now. He asks how has my job been going and where I’m living in Seoul. I tell him and he says I live in the ghetto haha. (I live near a university near some decent nightlife, so I honestly don’t think it’s too bad :P)

J and a few others soon round up everyone there for a final group photo– DD, Supreme Team, Sean2Slow, Bizzy, Mongo Fresh, Tasha, and few others. A hoard of photographers come around to take a photo of this special moment. Below is the result.

Pictured above: Sean2Slow, Tasha, Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Bizzy, Tiger JK, Mongo Fresh (on end), and others whom I can’t all name. I’m so bad with names, so I’m sorry!

Goodbye old DrunkenCamp.com

Hello all!

Many of you know me as HyeRyun, etc.. I started Drunken Tiger’s official English fansite nearly 8 years ago from today because the Drunken Tiger name became known beyond the Korean-American community, and fans of many different non-Asian backgrounds wanted to know more about them worldwide. It became obvious that there needed to be a hub just to cater to these fans and thus Camp was born. For years, it has been a one stop shop for nearly everything about Drunken Tiger: news, photos, updates, lyrics, etc.

However, obviously 8 years changes a lot in people, especially in me. I started Camp when I was 17 years old and am now in my mid-20s. For awhile, I had actually quit Camp and handed the reins over to someone else, who unfortunately in the end couldn’t take up the mantle the way I had hope she could. I am now trying to make a dollar in Korea, and with me being here, I have discovered my passion again for DT. I can now see JK more often than I could in the States and am much closer to the action.  I realized that with me here, following DT around, I could provide a real perspective to the fans as to who DT really is. However, my schedule doesn’t permit to keep maintaining the old Camp the way it was.

So the question of course is, “What’s going to happen to the old Drunken Camp website?”

I’m going to basically put it into archives and post some important links here for those who need it. However, I won’t be updating it anymore. There is going to be a huge change amongst all the DT sites (Japan, US, Korea) in the next few weeks where us webmasters won’t need to manage as much web work all at once [[IMPT UPDATE: THE MAIN DT WEBSITE FOR ALL COUNTRIES IS NOW WWW.DRUNKENTIGER.KR]]. I am focusing now on providing all the DrunkenCamp loyalists a real view, a sorta “backstage” view, of Drunken Tiger while I’m here in Korea.

So what about memberships, forums, etc.?

I’m nixing the membership policy and putting the forums into archives. When the website change comes, I’ll definitely blog to everyone on what will be happening for all the Camp members. Right now, if you’d like to continue receiving updates about DT in English, subscribe to this blog via email and feel free to comment. Also, definitely become a fan of DT on facebook to receive news updates. Most of it is in Korean right now, but it’ll be more multilingual soon. I’ll also be pulling some things left and right and making some of the updates more “English-friendly.” 🙂


I hope people can understand why I’m making this change. I believe this is actually for the better of Camp’s future and I hope all of you can support it. 🙂


The official English source for MFBTY & Drunken Tiger