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[photos] Shots from first live performance of “The Cure”

On October 3rd, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy had their TV debut of “The Cure,” courtesy of MBC. Contrary to their usual highly energetic set, “The Cure” live set comprises of the 3 performing behind standing mics, a first in DT history. Of course, the crowd was treated to older high energy classics, such as “Get It In,” “Good Life,” and “I Want You.” However, as always with any DT performance, expect the unexpected. JK breaks through the audience barrier and performs the song while walking through the crowd and then ending “Get It In” with him relaxing on the moving camera wheelie. See photos/video below.

P.S. My camera went out during “The Cure,” so unfortunately I don’t have the full footage! Fans will have to wait until the broadcast is released.

Tiger spontaneously autographs the speaker with his microphone


Tiger hitches a ride with the camera wheelie



[news] MFBTY leaves Jungle Entertainment; Tiger JK starts new label “FeelGhood Music”


In January 2013, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy formed the trio group MFBTY. The three have been separate acts technically, but had performed usually together. The three performers had been signed to Jungle Entertainment, originally founded by Tiger JK and his father, Suh Byung Hoo, since its establishment in 2006. However, on July 21st, Tiger JK announced on his Twitter account that all he had left the label. Yoon MiRae and Bizzy soon followed celebrating a new start.


Questions have arose regarding the mysterious “Prison Break” photo attached to the tweet and why Tiger JK would leave his label. Not much information has been released other than a source of ours stating “reasons related to business practices recently unearthed.”

JK’s new label is affectionately named after Tiger JK’s 8th album, “Feel Ghood Musik.” JK’s father has officially been named the label’s Chief Advisor. MFBTY plans to release a new single within the next few months, along with a music video produced by “Get It In” directors, Lumpens. The producers released an exclusive animated video to promote the new label.

For further updates, fans are encouraged to continue following this site along with Tiger’s active fanbases (TigerBalm Korea, Drunken Tiger Brasil). Also, a recently opened FeelGhood Music facebook page is continuously releasing new media.

[UPDATE 07/23 11:05AM] The official FeelGood Music label site has just opened.