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Originally established as DrunkenCamp.com in 2001, Drunken Tiger International is the official U.S. English website for Korean hip-hop legend, Drunken Tiger. It provides English speaking fans news about Drunken Tiger and most recently, MFBTY (the project group that comprises of Drunken Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy).

DrunkenCamp.com originally took the format of a fan website with photos, forums, lyrics, etc. Prior to the dawn of social media, fans had limited access to information on Korean musicians. This was also prior to the Hallyu boom, and information in English was scarce.  Camp was launched in response to this need, and in 2003, was the first English fan website to be declared an official hub for any Korean musician. It has adapted to web and social media changes, and now serves as the international social media promotion hub for Drunken Tiger & MFBTY.

As the fanbase grew more diverse, so have our relationships with international fans. We partnered with other official sites such as Drunken Tiger Brasil in 2009 and Bizzionary INTL (then Bizzy BTBT) in 2010. We are an affiliate partner with longstanding Yoon Mirae fan site, YoonMiRae blog since 2014. In the same year, we rebranded ourselves as Drunken Tiger MFBTY International, due to our reach to multilingual fans.

About the writers:

Drunken Tiger International is mainly managed by a worldwide street team and its founder, Elsa (MissDrunkenCamp). Based in the U.S., DT INTL monitors and promotes DT international activities under the advisement of DT’s label, Feel Ghood Music.


12 thoughts on “About site”

  1. Wow, this took me by surprise. I visited the drunkencamp website a couple months ago and it was depressing as hell. It hasn’t been updated in so long. GLAD TO SEE DRUNKEN TIGER ALIVE AND WELL

  2. Thank you for all your hard work to make this site updated.

    I have two questions:

    1. I found the link to this site on Druken Tiger’s official website and I guess that means this is DT’s official English website. Is this still a one-woman operation? You are working for him – why do you have to pay for the tickets to DT’s performances? =O

    2. Do you have any plans to interview him for English-speaking fans any time soon?


    1. I choose to pay for the tickets most part, unless it’s extremely expensive. I feel like I’m freeloading if I want free tickets all the time and the backstage access.

      I haven’t really found an article to write revolving around the fans. Ideas?

  3. I noticed the big revamp, i was going to help out but when one of the admin’s asked for a portfolio i couldn’t offer one cause the server with all my designs and graphics crashed. haha. I like the blogger concept. Gives drunken camp a completely different feel that isnt bad at all.

    but where do i go for my lyrics and merch now?

    1. u need the korean or the translations? translations are a bit harder bc translators are hard to come by…

  4. Thank you for always keeping me updated! I remember when I stumbled upon the old site a few years ago. Its really great to see things alive, and kicking again!!! Truly inspiring!

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