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Website updates

Excuse us for a second!

Hey, Drunken Tiger/MFBTY fanmily!

Due to this thing called life, our team is taking an indefinite break from updating here.

We are, however, still updating daily on social media (like everyone else in the world).

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Much love to all our loyal readers.


Elsa R.
Founder, DrunkenTigerINTL

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New English Interview! (and Forum for us!)

JK recently finished a very detailed and *rare* English interview with KoME world. Go their site to read more about the the roots of DT, influences, and yes, his great Twitter addiction.

Ko-Me World English Interview

Also, thanks to our sister site, TigerBalm, we now have an functioning English forum for us to debate and discuss. As much as I know how much everyone loves to read my stuff (:P), I know the opportunity to connect with other fans (and JK) is important. You will need to input a Korean SSN to read/write for now, however. Borrow a friend’s if possible.

DT English Forum

For now, JK is working on producing Tasha’s HIP-HOP album, her first since her 2002 release. More updates to come.

Goodbye old

Hello all!

Many of you know me as HyeRyun, etc.. I started Drunken Tiger’s official English fansite nearly 8 years ago from today because the Drunken Tiger name became known beyond the Korean-American community, and fans of many different non-Asian backgrounds wanted to know more about them worldwide. It became obvious that there needed to be a hub just to cater to these fans and thus Camp was born. For years, it has been a one stop shop for nearly everything about Drunken Tiger: news, photos, updates, lyrics, etc.

However, obviously 8 years changes a lot in people, especially in me. I started Camp when I was 17 years old and am now in my mid-20s. For awhile, I had actually quit Camp and handed the reins over to someone else, who unfortunately in the end couldn’t take up the mantle the way I had hope she could. I am now trying to make a dollar in Korea, and with me being here, I have discovered my passion again for DT. I can now see JK more often than I could in the States and am much closer to the action.  I realized that with me here, following DT around, I could provide a real perspective to the fans as to who DT really is. However, my schedule doesn’t permit to keep maintaining the old Camp the way it was.

So the question of course is, “What’s going to happen to the old Drunken Camp website?”

I’m going to basically put it into archives and post some important links here for those who need it. However, I won’t be updating it anymore. There is going to be a huge change amongst all the DT sites (Japan, US, Korea) in the next few weeks where us webmasters won’t need to manage as much web work all at once [[IMPT UPDATE: THE MAIN DT WEBSITE FOR ALL COUNTRIES IS NOW WWW.DRUNKENTIGER.KR]]. I am focusing now on providing all the DrunkenCamp loyalists a real view, a sorta “backstage” view, of Drunken Tiger while I’m here in Korea.

So what about memberships, forums, etc.?

I’m nixing the membership policy and putting the forums into archives. When the website change comes, I’ll definitely blog to everyone on what will be happening for all the Camp members. Right now, if you’d like to continue receiving updates about DT in English, subscribe to this blog via email and feel free to comment. Also, definitely become a fan of DT on facebook to receive news updates. Most of it is in Korean right now, but it’ll be more multilingual soon. I’ll also be pulling some things left and right and making some of the updates more “English-friendly.” 🙂

I hope people can understand why I’m making this change. I believe this is actually for the better of Camp’s future and I hope all of you can support it. 🙂