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[US CONCERT] Public tickets to Kollaboration Star with Drunken Tiger, Bizzy, and Yoon MiRae Open

For those who are interested in attending KOLLABORATION STAR and could not get the fan packages, general admission tickets are now available. As of today, there are still good seats from 3rd row (Row C) and onwards. Orchestra section runs $75. 

Don’t forget to pick up your Drunken Tiger hat while at it. 



Happy 39th Birthday, Tiger J!


In approximately 1 hour from now in Korea, Tiger JK will turn 39. Born July 29th, 1974 (previously cited as June 11th, his lunar birthday), the king of Korean hip-hop has endured a life of serious achievements as well as tumultuous downfalls. Having followed J for 12 of his 20 years in entertainment, I wanted to personally say Happy Birthday to one of the greatest men I have ever known. Though 39 on paper, J has the same spirit he had when he was 24. In the initial days, J was mislabeled as a quiet guy, but put yourself in a room with him and he can talk up a storm. It wasn’t until years later when he opened his Twitter that fans could actually see that side of him. We have definitely seen the father he has become, the loving partner that he has always been to Tasha, but what makes J still relevant and interesting is his openness to speak his mind. Inside the songwriter, performer, producer, and budding actor he is, is an funny, intelligent, and affable man. Happy birthday, J. Very fortunate to have been friends this long.

P.S. And here are the photos to prove I’ve known you too long. See my Twitter for the stories attached to them.

















DT rockin'

jkreebokcampaign jkbg-front jkandthetiger


DT¦-+++¦¦« +-¦+

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[news/US show] Jungle Entertainment to hold US concert – Los Angeles

Jungle Entertainment will finally make its entrance into the United States with its first ever family concert. CJ E&M, along with several other top agencies, have created M-Live in part of the K-Pop global concert expansion.

On December 2nd, “M Live by CJ: The Jungle Concert in L.A” will be the first Korean hip-hop concert held in the United States. The concert will feature Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK), Yoon Mirae (Tasha), Leessang, Bizzy, and Jung In at the Wiltern.

With K-Pop expanding globally, Korean hip-hop will begin to find footing in the middle of the global Hallyu Wave.

The Wiltern, where Jungle Entertainment’s concert will take place, hold close to 3,000 seats and has seen performances held by Jay-Z&Eminem, Adele, Smashing Pumpkins, Tears for Fears, and other international artists.

POWERHOUSE has recently announced that they will begin selling the tickets for the family hip-hop concert on November 7th at 10AM PST. Ticket prices are as follows: $120, $100, $80, and $50.

Update! Tickets started going on sale on November 7th, with the pit being $120. Even though the pit is the closest you can get, it is standing room only, so go early! Buy tickets.



[subbed video] Vogue Photoshoot w/ Tiger JK and family

As part of their recent anti-child abuse campaign, STOP & LOVE, Tiger JK and his family [wife Tasha/Yoon MiRae and son, Jordan] took part in a Korean Vogue photo shoot. While on set, KBS recorded the family’s natural interactions with each other.

Also, in a brief interview, the couple reveals a little about their family life and how they keep their relationship exciting.

The photos are in the current April issue of Vogue Korea.


Happy Birthday, Tasha!

May 31st – It is officially Tasha’s 29th birthday! Korea’s lady of hip-hop had a surprise early celebration yesterday at the CYON B-Boy competition/concert. Her fans surprised her with a cake shaped in a microphone along with presents for Jordan.

the birthday cake

and those who gave it to her (jk being superman in the back)

Tasha joked how she didn’t need the age candles. Don’t worry, unni. You look great for your age. 🙂

-Miss DrunkenCamp

T makes a joke, but some people don’t get it.

A few weeks ago, I put up a post about my chronicles at DT’s performance on “MTV The Stage.” I didn’t mention this, but apparently since it’s somehow became somewhat of a deal in Korea, I’ll add it in.

During Tasha and JK’s set, the two performed “True Romance” and JK pulled 2 girls from the audience to dance during a pseudo tango breakdown. One girl bailed quickly, while the other gave it a try and tried to dance with JK. Tasha soon joined in too.

Well, in the midst of this, Tash made a joke to the girl not to get too close to JK during the dance, but it seems others didn’t take it so lightly. Read the full article @

Oy–sometimes drama comes out of nothing.

P.S. Tash unni, i love your sense of humor. 🙂