Bizzy (sometimes referred to as his album name, Bizzionary) is the silent weapon of the MFBTY collaborative. Bizzy comes originally from rapper, Yang Dong Guen/YDG’s, Yucka Squad, a once underground hip-hop network. While there, he started as YDG’s DJ, but soon took lyrical tutelage from other members of the squad. This expanded into songwriting for artists, a practice that Bizzy still does in prolific amounts.

2004 marked Bizzy’s transition from background to stage,  when Tiger JK invited him to be part of his act. On stage, he was filling in the lyrics for former member, DJ Shine. However, Bizzy soon became integral in Tiger JK’s production team,  producing and spitting his own rhymes on Drunken Tiger’s 6th album.

Bizzy debuted his own EP album, Bizzionary, in 2008. The production and lyrical content was praised by hip-hop fans, but Bizzy’s looks also brought him an unexpected group of fan girls. To them, he is known as MFBTY’s “Flower Boy,” a term referring to his pretty boy look.

While Bizzy’s mainly known as a counterpart to Drunken Tiger and MFBTY, he is also a prolific songwriter, producer, and feature artist for some of Korea’s best known artists. In his early career, he collaborated with Movement rapper, YDG, for YDG’s first three albums. His affiliation with YDG led him to work with other Movement rappers, such as Leessang, Jungin, and Bobby Kim. He has also worked with non-hip-hop acts. In 2011, he collaborated with former 2PM member, Jay Park, for the song, “휵갔어.” He also collaborated with G.O.D member, Son Hoyoung, on his soundtrack single, “Pretty But Hateful 예쁘고 미웠다.”


  • Bizzionary EP (2008)

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