“My IPhone is Drunk” – DT the 1st artist to launch IPhone app (+DT8 on ITunes!)

So about 3 days ago, DT became the first Korean artist to have a full on digital interactive presence worldwide. Not only has DT8 been released on Itunes (FYI, it’s cheaper to get it on Itunes vs. buying it for a whopping $30 in the USA), DT is the first Korean artist to have a real Iphone app that links the new official international site [www.drunkentiger.kr] directly to people’s Iphones. Launched by DBSK Kollective, the new website aims to be a comprehensive international friendly place for DT fans worldwide. See the full article on the new site:

DT Goes Digital

In other news: A few of us are going to R-16 on Sunday, meeting @ Gangnam station to take express bus to Incheon circa 1pm (still tentative time). Email me asap if you’d like to join (drunkencamp@gmail.com).

-Miss DC


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