5 thoughts on “Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe (to email updates)”

  1. This is gonna be awesome!
    I signed up for the email
    and then I went over to the website then I remember…it’s a Korean website and you need to have a special ID number to register so if you aren’t Korean you aren’t signing up.

    unfortunately you can’t even look at the board in English at all.
    If I ma wrong PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!

  2. yeah, i know. they said they’re working on fixing that. though there are some ppl who reported making an ID # up and getting in 0_o

    1. I guess you’ll have to write here for the time being xD

      Most of the english board updates are the same as ours, but when they fix the sign up forms, I’ll post it up.

  3. You can join now without a Korean SSN. Go to http://www.dt-love.co.kr and click “JOIN.”

    Sign up form format:

    Forum Name
    Password / Retype Password
    Display Name
    Email Address (Check box to expose email on board)
    Homepage (Check box to show email)
    Phone # (Optional)
    Picture (Upload button on side)
    Comment (optional)

    Remember to check the last box. It agrees to the terms and agreements.

    Finally, click the LEFT button to confirm. The right button is to cancel.

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