[news] JK to release his own Beats by Dr. Dre series: TIGER BEATS

Dr. Dre’s studio quality headphones, Beats By Dr. Dre, have garnered world wild praise. However, only a select few personalities have had the opportunity to release their own edition of the headphones. JK is amongst the select few and the first Korean artist to release his own collection of headphones under the Dre brand.

The initial prototype was briefly shown on the Sunzoo special, Welcome To The Jungle, but on May 8th, the Korean Beats By Dr Dre twitter finally released exclusive photos of the prototypes, causing an immediate hype amongst fans. Despite the increasing demand, there is no official release date for the headphones as of yet.

[IMPT EDIT] Tigerbeats debuted on May 20th and is being exclusively sold at Frisbee MyeongDong, Frisbee Gangnam, Samsung D*Light Store (Gangnam), and A# Store Coex. Headphones are going for 690,000KRW (roughly $635). [Devotion and impeccable sound quality comes at a price!]



17 thoughts on “[news] JK to release his own Beats by Dr. Dre series: TIGER BEATS”

  1. I gotta add this to my headphone collection!
    I always wanted to move to Korea under contract (w/u.s. gov/mil) while making beats on the side for k-artists, I think these headphones will further aspire me to do so.

  2. oh man i allways wanted to get me these headphones but the white ones, but if release these then im gonna be buying it. hope you can buy this online

  3. can you post the links please. I dont find them. Can i buy it from germany?

    greetings from germany


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