Best Week Ever for Yoon MiRae? (Successful fan signing, meets w/ Dre, XXL feature)

On August 18th, Yoon MiRae held a fansigning at Seoul’s grand 4-floor mall, Times Square Mall. Although the signing only lasted an hour and a half, she was warmly greeted by over 500 fans waiting for an autograph. The fansigning was part of her endorsement for HP, and HP set up a special oversized keyboard and integrated it into a dance-like game for her (think DDR/Pump It Up… with 26 steps!)

While Mirae was greeted by fans young and old (and some weird), the real highlight of the day came later when she, Tiger JK, and Bizzy met with Dr. Dre for an informal meeting. Dre, who was touring with Eminem, was simultaneously promoting his successful line of headphones, Beats By Dre. Dre specifically asked to meet with the representatives of Korean hip-hop, and being JK was the first Korean artist to receive his own Beats line, it was no surprise he and his wife were invited. Coincidently, Eminem’s touring DJ, Alchemist, is a close childhood friend of JK’s, and the meeting resulted in talks about a possible cross-cultural collaboration.

The good news did not stop there.

On August 22nd, XXL’s Eye Candy column highlighted Korea’s best female rappers, with Tasha rounding out the listed. What a good week for Mirae!


3 thoughts on “Best Week Ever for Yoon MiRae? (Successful fan signing, meets w/ Dre, XXL feature)”

  1. indeed a great week for yoonmirae…just great to know how in-demand the couple are…thanks for the updates 🙂

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