[news] MNET commemorates Tiger JK’s 20th anniversary


On the night of December 10th, MNET will air a special 2-part documentary commemorating The documentary, The Hero on Stage Tiger JK.ing, will share his past stories as well as give fans an inside look on his new ventures. The documentary will also share his adventures in acting and his 5th degree TaeKwonDo black belt moves.

DrunkenCamp will share the footage here as they are released.

Source: MNET



4 thoughts on “[news] MNET commemorates Tiger JK’s 20th anniversary”

  1. Do you know what time? No one is giving out a time. MNET is not broadcasting the documentary at all, so if it wasn’t for you, twitter, Jungle Entertainment, and other Tiger loyal fans i wouldn’t even known. Also, do you know if there going to be a DVD for sale?

    1. I’ ve looked around and noticed the same! I’m thinking probabably 10pm Korea time since that’s when it usually airs. I doubt it’ll be released on video. Not even sure it’ll air on MNET US, but I know someone will find a way to throw it online.

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