[video/docu] Look At Star – Tiger JK (subtitled 2 hour special)

Finally, Tiger JK’s extensive “Look At Star” episode has been subtitled. The 2-hour special looks into JK’s personal life, including his relationship with Tasha, his disease, and of course his music.

The episode is broken up into parts on YouTube. I will post Part 1 of each episode, but you will need to navigate through yonnie’s channel to watch the rest (yonniesubs2). The parts are uploaded in order and are numbered, so navigating should be easy.

Watch On YouTube

Episode 1, Part 1

Episode 2, Part 1

-Miss DrunkenCamp


6 thoughts on “[video/docu] Look At Star – Tiger JK (subtitled 2 hour special)”

  1. there shows error that the video has been removed due to terms of use((( can anybody upload another one??!! really want to watch it!

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