Dynamic Duo’s 10th anniversary concert: The last hoorah

A week ago, I was given the chance to attend Dynamic Duo (one of founding members of the Movement) last concert ever. The duo, Choiza and Gaeko, have been rapping together for nearly 10 years and started their careers circa 1998 as members of CB Mass. They also played a key role in the first few years of DT’s career, helping JK and Shine (the original duo) get ahead in the K-hiphop world. However, Korea has finally called on Choiza & Gaeko to join the army and the two are retiring from the rap game for good.

The setting is Olympic Hall in Seoul. The performance hall looks to hold about 10,000 people and is nearly completely sold out. MYK is sitting not too far from me. He did the intro for Dynamic’s Last Days album and is currently signed with Epik High’s new label. There are a few others around me that look familiar too.

Many of Dynamic’s past collaborators showed up to do a song or two with them. Many were on their feet for DD, and possibly the most unexpected moment was when they performed “나침밤 (compass),” their first single as CB MASS. Of course, the surprise appearances by Sean2Slow, Kim BumSoo, etc. and the live band versions of their singles brought an equal amount of excitement for their fans.

The crowd jumps as JK enters the stage and starts performing “Monster.” It’s my first time hearing it in concert, and it’s clearly another DT hit that gets everyone insanely riled up and crazy at shows. JK didn’t even have to coach the crowd to say the words–the words “발라 버려 (brush it off)” erupted from every corner. Tasha later came out and did “Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward!” with DD and JK. She finished her set with “Pay Day.” JK wraps his scarf around her neck and tries to do a dance with Tasha on stage, but the scarf gets unexpectedly stuck on her lol. They both brush it off with a laugh.

Post concert, there are celebrations backstage. Video cameras document the last backstage hoorah, some wine bottles are popped, Choiza gets a water cooler poured over his head (a la Superbowl victory style). There is a feeling of relief and sadness because it;s the end of an era.

JK and some of the others are taken to do interviews. JK calls it “doing his Hollywood thing.” Tasha and I sit on the side and catch up. She looks fantastic for a new mom (Seriously–WOW).

JK comes back and looks at the emptied wine bottle. He mentions that he can’t drink anymore due to his health and has avoided drinking for years now. He asks how has my job been going and where I’m living in Seoul. I tell him and he says I live in the ghetto haha. (I live near a university near some decent nightlife, so I honestly don’t think it’s too bad :P)

J and a few others soon round up everyone there for a final group photo– DD, Supreme Team, Sean2Slow, Bizzy, Mongo Fresh, Tasha, and few others. A hoard of photographers come around to take a photo of this special moment. Below is the result.

Pictured above: Sean2Slow, Tasha, Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Bizzy, Tiger JK, Mongo Fresh (on end), and others whom I can’t all name. I’m so bad with names, so I’m sorry!


7 thoughts on “Dynamic Duo’s 10th anniversary concert: The last hoorah”

  1. Too bad DD is gonna be gone. What are the rules when it comes to the army in Korea? How many years are you required to serve? Why are they retiring from rap rather than just taking a break? And what decides who is called upon by the army? Did Tiger JK ever serve? And is it just males or females as well? Sorry for all the questions – just wondering.

  2. you’re required to serve at least 2 years if you’re a Korean citizen. JK wasn’t called to serve due to his American citizenship. They only draft males and you can only ask to prolong your draft date for so long.

  3. I can’t believe DD are quitting the rap game. That’s a sad day for Korean Hip Hop but I guess they gave it their all. Cool picture at the end, everyone looks so happy!

  4. No!!! I was just listening to some Dynamic Duo today, I had NO IDEA they were thinking of retiring!! The Korean arm system needs work (sorry for putting this here, but I gotta rant when my favorite artists are pulled in). So many of my friends had to put their lives on hold to go serve for 2 years and then go back to school to finish their degrees — but it messes everything up for them, they’re like 28-30 yrs old by the time they finish their Master’s which is way too long to stay in school. Just felt so sad at the end of this post, still can’t believe it. Ugh. Rest in Peace, DD, and resurrect often dammit.

  5. Wait a minute, who said they were retiring forever???????
    I was at the concert and I sure didn’t hear it.
    From what I know they’ll be back once they complete their military service.

    Um, unless I heard it wrong?

  6. the source i know said it was forever, but then again, korean music industry is strange. roora broke up at least 3 times and came back every single time

  7. It’s not just Korea. Look at Jay-Z, Em, LL…
    And DD just came out with a new album a couple days ago too, before departing. Unless I hear the announcement from DD themselves, I just want to make that clear to all….


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