[news] Meeting Of Two Worlds – Amerie & Tasha

When people talk about mixed Asian artists, Amerie and Tasha are often one of the first names mentioned. However, since the two of them promote themselves in two different places, it’s hard to imagine the two would ever cross paths.

One trip to Los Angeles changed all that.

Recently, Tasha and JK met with Amerie and Amerie tweeted these photos on her site:

Shows how global DT/Tasha really are 🙂


2 thoughts on “[news] Meeting Of Two Worlds – Amerie & Tasha”

  1. I don’t really like Tasha too much ever since I heard rumors of her lighten herself fpr the Korean market. Amerie however is a angel and I wish she was bigger in Korea, she represent Blasian identity better if you ask me

  2. What a stupid thing to say. You have no idea. Typical American ignorance. Yoon Mi Rae, or Tasha wrote a song about this very thing, being Black. It’s called Black Happiness. It’s not like she elected to lighten her skin. But she is naturally lighter than Amerie. Blasians (I’m one of them ) come in all shapes and sizes. That’s not for you to say when you don’t walk in our shoes.

    Yoon Mi Rae in some ways represents “Blasians” of Korean diaspora better, she speaks Korean, grew up understanding the struggles and never went fully commercial like Amerie. She hasn’t had surgery on her nose like Amerie, and she’s lived a humble life . . unlike American stars. Her music also has substance . . . Just saying.

    Learn more before writing dumb comments.

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