[news] JK and Tasha’s acknowledgement spurs first Brazilian K-Pop Day

Brazilian weekly entertainment show “‘Leitura Dinamica (Reading Dynamics)” first covered K-pop’s popularity in Brazil with a story on Big Bang. Seeing it’s success amongst K-pop listeners, the show’s producers reached out to local fans on twitter, including DT Brasil, and asked about other popular artists. The producers took a liking to JK and Tasha right away and asked for more information to air on the show.

The webmaster of DT Brasil took it a step further and told the couple about the feature. They responded back with two videos, and the above feature was the result. Moments after the special was aired last Friday,January 28th, Twitter was flooded with thank yous to the hip-hop couple, claiming that it was a huge step forward in acknowledging Korean music fans in Brazil. #Brazilian K-Pop Day was a hot topic throughout the weekend.

Below is the translated transcript of the show segment:

“KPOP is getting famous in coutries like USA and Brazil. Drunken Tiger and T, Eastern hiphop stars, sent a special message to the fans and viewers of “Reading Dynamics. “

(video clip)

The country with the most online games? If you thought about USA or Japan, You are wrong!
South Korea Has Almost one and half million in habitants, the thirteenth in  world GDP,  already hosted the world cup, has the fastest internet of the world, and has the largest number of online games of the latest century.

Just needed to dominate the pop music. Yeah, it needed.
KPOP is a  fact! At least four different styles take over the eastern charts since 1990’s.
R & B
Hip Hop
and Rock

The huge success in countries like Japan, Singapore and even China, catch the world’s attention, even if there are still language barriers. The spread of the internet help spread K-Pop’s popularity.
Each group debut ended up in video sites. Concerts are broadcasted video stream and are Accumulating awards, and the world begins to notice South Korea. Including us, Brazilians.

The impact of Kpop in Brazil, we are going to show you later, dont miss it!

And from the distant South Korea .. For now, a little tease.

Stay tunned, I’ll Be Right Back.

South Korea is here!
KPOP took advantage of the Brazilian charts, invaded the minds of the youth and created new idols.
All of this without a single show in Brazilian Territory.
The reasons for the pop explosion in Brazil are many.
The fascination for the Eastern musicality, the unusual lyrics and rhymes, at leats For Those That Understand Korean.

Pronunciation is a tongue-twister Almost!
TVXQ for us, and Don Bang Shin Ki for the East.

Also to highlight the musical style: Wonder Girls made a pop song inspired on a retro sound from the 60’s.
And bursts out there due to this approach. The different musical styles please us Westerners.
BoA recorded this one with Akon.
But does a different sound in Hurricane Venus.

2NE1 Already has an album produced by Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas.
The only recorded Will Come Out in April, But It’s Already on the Billboard list of potential successes.

And it’s not only girl bands of KPOP That lives here.
Big Bang is the boyband of the moment, and one of the most awarded in Asia.
It spurred the careers of members like G-Dragon and Seung-ri.

Now to end the subject, we bring you So Nyuh Shi Dae.
The dancing Pop That hypnotized the charts, Hoot has many versions But here this “dance” is Already on the set of many famous DJs, including Brazilians.

And to the sound of So Nyuh Shi Dae That is today’s Reading Dynamics says goodbye. You Know That You Can review this and other information on our site
http://www.redetv.com.br / leituradinamica – ”

Oh, and the other unused video? Well, see for yourself.

Credits: @ YouTube + Reading Dynamics | Trad. Video: snsdbrasil.com + Rachira@drunkentigerbrasil.com
Posted by: Rachira@drunkentigerbrasil.com



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