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Tiger JK Will Go Dad Mode on show “We Kid”


The producers of “We Kid (We Sing Like A Kid)” have announced that Tiger JK will make a guest appearance.

“We Kid” invites famous personalities to write and sing songs with children. After speaking with JK, the producers were in awe how JK’s fierce on stage persona reverts to a loving father when it comes to his son.

“It’s very clear that JK’s decision to appear on the show was influenced by his son,” one staff member commented.

Staff and fans alike are hoping Jordan and mom, YoonMirae, will join JK on the show.

Air dates to be announced.

Source: Sports Chosun

-Drunken Tiger International


[news] MFBTY Reveals Album Cover + Full 16-song Track List


The project group, MFBTY, revealed the title of their new album is called, “Wondaland,” a tribute to the name of the cult fanbase before MFBTY became a group [see history].

The countdown to MFBTY’s “Wondaland” begins now, with only 7 days to go. MFBTY promises that the album will include a variety of exciting music.

Their label, Feel Ghood Music, revealed the album jacket, track list, and album title today, March 12th. The photos have an atmosphere of excitement, diversity, and 3 people with healthy energy. The three members sit on a couch in a colorful look, sunglasses, and with a casual attitude. Hip-hop royalty Tiger JK, YoonMiRae, and Bizzy have a charismatic tough look that attracts your attention.

“Wondaland” will be fully packed with a total of 16 songs. It will feature rock legend, JeonInKwon of DeulGukHwa, rapper Dok2, Windy City’s lead vocal and guitarist Kim Ban Jang, electronic duo EE, next generation diva Son Seung Yeun (The Voice Korea), idol producer Rap Monster (BTS), and BEAST’s Yong JunHyung. The album will also introduce Feel Ghood Music rookie producer and artist, Dino-J. The line up is extremely colorful and random, yet will give the album a feel of complete satisfaction.

A surprising track that was included was the song, “Fart Dance,” made with Tiger JK and YoonMiRae’s son, Jordan. Audiences should expect to be surprised by Jordan’s cute singing.

Also the second track on the album “Hello Happy” will have a surprise feature that is keeping fans anticipating. [Perhaps all those fan sound bits JK asked for?]

“Wondaland” will release March 19th both online and in stores. The album will be sold at Kyobo Hot Tracks, Interpark, Aladdin, and most major online download sites (Safe to assume Itunes as well). Some online distributors are already taking pre-orders.

The full tracklist is as follows:

  1. Welcome to Wondaland (intro)
  2. Hello Happy (feat. ????)
  3. 야야야/Hey Hey Hey (Half Time)
  4. 부끄부끄/Blush Blush (feat. EE, Dino-J, Rap Monster do BTS)
  5. Love Fortune
  6. 눈빛에 (In Your Eyes)
  7. Hollywho (feat. DOK2)
  8. Rebel Music
  9. 방뛰기방방 / Bang Digi BangBang
  10. 방귀 Dance/Fart Dance
  11. Angel
  12. 6am
  13. 사랑놀이/Love Game (feat. Son SeungYeon)
  14. Let It Go (Yong JunHyung do BEAST)
  15. 사랑과 펑화/Love & Peace (feat. Jeon InKwon)
  16. BizzyTigerYoonmirae (Smells & Reno Remix)



Source: TenAsia

Drunken Tiger International


[video] Fans Come Together To Wish Yoon MiRae a Special Birthday Wish

We at Drunken Tiger International, Drunken Tiger Brasil, and BizzyBTBT want to wish our sis, Yoon MiRae, a Happy Birthday today! As our gift to her, we polled our followers on how they would describe Yoon MiRae in one word. Our followers were told they would receive a special prize by participating, but were not aware of the bigger project in the works. This was the result (and the prize they were all vying for!). Congrats! Now your love for MiRae will be seen for sure. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Happy #YoonMiRaeDay!




[edit] you have to sign up for TVN to watch the full episodes unfortunately. I’ll try to find a way around for you guys!

After PAINSTAKING searching and a bumping heads with the Google translator, I found a way to give you guys WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE EPISODE 3. For those who can’t speak Korean, remember, Welcome to the Jungle is being shown in the US WITH subtitles on MNET America every Monday night at 8PM. Please check their website for local listings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

JUNGLE EP3 P2, posted with vodpod

and with that, I have to say–FINALLY!


[news] JK and Tasha’s acknowledgement spurs first Brazilian K-Pop Day

Brazilian weekly entertainment show “‘Leitura Dinamica (Reading Dynamics)” first covered K-pop’s popularity in Brazil with a story on Big Bang. Seeing it’s success amongst K-pop listeners, the show’s producers reached out to local fans on twitter, including DT Brasil, and asked about other popular artists. The producers took a liking to JK and Tasha right away and asked for more information to air on the show.

The webmaster of DT Brasil took it a step further and told the couple about the feature. They responded back with two videos, and the above feature was the result. Moments after the special was aired last Friday,January 28th, Twitter was flooded with thank yous to the hip-hop couple, claiming that it was a huge step forward in acknowledging Korean music fans in Brazil. #Brazilian K-Pop Day was a hot topic throughout the weekend.

Below is the translated transcript of the show segment:

“KPOP is getting famous in coutries like USA and Brazil. Drunken Tiger and T, Eastern hiphop stars, sent a special message to the fans and viewers of “Reading Dynamics. “

(video clip)

The country with the most online games? If you thought about USA or Japan, You are wrong!
South Korea Has Almost one and half million in habitants, the thirteenth in  world GDP,  already hosted the world cup, has the fastest internet of the world, and has the largest number of online games of the latest century.

Just needed to dominate the pop music. Yeah, it needed.
KPOP is a  fact! At least four different styles take over the eastern charts since 1990’s.
R & B
Hip Hop
and Rock

The huge success in countries like Japan, Singapore and even China, catch the world’s attention, even if there are still language barriers. The spread of the internet help spread K-Pop’s popularity.
Each group debut ended up in video sites. Concerts are broadcasted video stream and are Accumulating awards, and the world begins to notice South Korea. Including us, Brazilians.

The impact of Kpop in Brazil, we are going to show you later, dont miss it!

And from the distant South Korea .. For now, a little tease.

Stay tunned, I’ll Be Right Back.

South Korea is here!
KPOP took advantage of the Brazilian charts, invaded the minds of the youth and created new idols.
All of this without a single show in Brazilian Territory.
The reasons for the pop explosion in Brazil are many.
The fascination for the Eastern musicality, the unusual lyrics and rhymes, at leats For Those That Understand Korean.

Pronunciation is a tongue-twister Almost!
TVXQ for us, and Don Bang Shin Ki for the East.

Also to highlight the musical style: Wonder Girls made a pop song inspired on a retro sound from the 60’s.
And bursts out there due to this approach. The different musical styles please us Westerners.
BoA recorded this one with Akon.
But does a different sound in Hurricane Venus.

2NE1 Already has an album produced by Will.I.Am from Black Eyed Peas.
The only recorded Will Come Out in April, But It’s Already on the Billboard list of potential successes.

And it’s not only girl bands of KPOP That lives here.
Big Bang is the boyband of the moment, and one of the most awarded in Asia.
It spurred the careers of members like G-Dragon and Seung-ri.

Now to end the subject, we bring you So Nyuh Shi Dae.
The dancing Pop That hypnotized the charts, Hoot has many versions But here this “dance” is Already on the set of many famous DJs, including Brazilians.

And to the sound of So Nyuh Shi Dae That is today’s Reading Dynamics says goodbye. You Know That You Can review this and other information on our site
http://www.redetv.com.br / leituradinamica – ”

Oh, and the other unused video? Well, see for yourself.

Credits: @ YouTube + Reading Dynamics | Trad. Video: snsdbrasil.com + Rachira@drunkentigerbrasil.com
Posted by: Rachira@drunkentigerbrasil.com


Tiger Responds to racist comments about his son

Drunken Tiger history shows that JK and the old school crew were no strangers to being vocal about some of the hypocrisy in Korean society. JK most recently reacted to racist comments made by netizens about his son, who is 1/4 African American and 3/4 Korean. Before these comments, JK had written about how when Tasha first came to Korea, she was outcasted due to racism and her inability to speak Korean well (years in Korea of course have changed this). After JK had appeared on TV with his son, net bloggers had made inappropriate racist comments about his son, and while Tasha’s rise as well as other “hapas-Koreans” fame have brought Korea a little closer to overcoming racism, some ignorance still resides. JK reacted strongly, stating his role as a father as his basis for defending his son (and with good reason!)

The comments are below:

“can’t be liked by everybody i know, there’s an article about Jordan, and some of them relpys make me sick,,,,talkin about race,”

“talki bout his hair being nappy and he looks black, they prolly like 12, prolly yong kidz but hopefully they learn”

“Comments are always like that but there are actually kids who say things like half black half black. Racism won’t disappear forever.”

“racism, im sure they dont know no better,it’s ma fault for xposing ma son like that tho when they call ma son up to the stage i had a feelin”

“cant believe the are going as far as using the N word, they need to get the ass whooped by they pops, ignorant ass younginz”

“I know that half of the comments are written by kids who want attention but people still use the expression black.”

“ha im used to bein hated / called all kinds of name it comes wit territory / but in the states i was called a chink ,N now the N word here”

“they could hate all they could, im here for that im used to bein hated, chewed on, jk wack this and that, but can dey just C wat dey C,Love”

“callin ma wife and me kid, nappy headed N***R , i wish they would see me in the street”

“^^ I’m a father so I went crazy over hate comments. I’m sorry.”

“peops are so lonely like me da would say anytihing behind the walls of matrix to say things that would get em attention,i pray for they soul”

Tablo of Epik High replied to Tiger JK saying, “This world doesn’t make sense and it has so many bad people. Your child is beautiful!”


After a long day, I give you… a music video. (“축하해/Congratulations” MV)

That’s right. After raving about R16 for an eternity, I am choosing not to post about it… yet.

Left the house at 12pm, got to Incheon at 2:30pm, got my seat and kept my place for 3 hours, concert and madness ends circa 9:40pm, took the bus back to seoul, ate, and got back home at 1:38am. i am too tired to upload anything.

so i give you other related DT news. A few weeks ago, JK released a new single, “축하해/Congratulations” from the “Feel Good” side of his 8th album. The song summarizes his journal entries during the moments he became a father.

The MV has a sort of home video feeling, chronicling baby Jordan’s first 18 months and JK/Tasha’s marriage.

… that is one cute baby.