[random] Highlights from today’s Welcome To the Jungle episodes

All I can say is WOW, this TVN special gives a whole new take on real life with Drunken Tiger and the Sunzoo team. The DCamp team along with DT Brasil is searching the net non-stop for an online version right now, but I’ll give a quick rundown from what I could understand. Luckily for us English only speakers, the crew spends a significant amount of time speaking English, so even if a video pops up online without subtitles, we should be okay.

I missed the first 20 minutes due to work, but this is what I caught:

The first episode takes us to Los Angeles, where the crew filmed “My Time.” Featured in this video are Rakaa Iriscience, Roscoe, Styliztik Jones, and Tasha. They filmed at a very expensive location that was given to them for free thanks to a mutual friend named Kia. Dave Kebo (veteran DT director) and TJ (the star of the “Great Rebirth” MV) were a major part of the production.

JK speaks Portuguese: well, some words. In “My Time,” he drops the words “SUVACO MINAS AND MANOS OBRIGADOO (“Hands in the air [more literal translation – ‘armpit’) friends, thank you”

Beefin: A racist biker yells comments at JK and Tasha while filming on the streets of LA. JK replies in English and before a confrontation went down, the guy drives away like a coward. JK admits that he’s calmed down a lot since he’s a father and regrets the tort, but I doubt he’s someone you should mess with (*ahem* 3rd degree black belt).

Naksan Concert: Roscoe and Styliztik Jones praise Tasha a lot, with Roscoe saying how Tasha is what makes Sunzoo special. He calls her, “not only a star here in Korea, but someone who has the potential to be famous worldwide.”

Styliztik Jones must learn how to say “what” in every language: He’s figured out how to say it in Spanish, a European language that escapes me, and now Korean. When asked who taught him, he admits Tasha did it.

Keepin it Simple: Stylez praises Tasha and JK for staying in Uijungbu, their original “hood,” rather than using their new found fame to move to the richer parts of Seoul.

Jay Park makes a cameo: Rehersal footage from Naksan reveals Jay Park walking through the shots of the documentary.

Episode 2: Macau/MNET Asia Music Awards

Brasil: Brasil sent in a handful of 5 second clips shouting out to JK and the producers briefly show photos/clips of them all.

Thievery: Tasha jacks JK’s credit card and goes shopping – She admits she loves to shop, and didn’t expect JK would catch her. Korean credit cards, however, send some members texts if the card is used, leading to Tasha getting caught.

Ballin and Free Samples: The crew stays at the Venetian hotel in Macau courtesy of MNET. They get courtesy MNET headphones As the only Korean ambassador for the brand, JK gets courtesy “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones. Depending on the artist endorsement, the headphones retail at the ridiculous minimum price of 450,000won ($450) at the MNET Pub in YeungdongPo Time Square Mall.

No red carpet strut: After some discussion about changing outfits for the red carpet and the performance, the crew learns they unfortunately cannot walk the red carpet because they are the opening act.

Held Back… and Fail: After their performance, JK climbs over the railings to shake hands with fans. Guards briefly try to pull him away from the crowd, only to leave them unsuccessful and the crowd cheering.

The episode ends with an MV they filmed in NY “On and On (below).”

And until the full episodes are uploaded, I leave you with the “My Time” and “On and On” MVs.

“My Time” – Hi Res

“On and On”

next week: New York (my home town)

-Miss DrunkenCamp


16 thoughts on “[random] Highlights from today’s Welcome To the Jungle episodes”

  1. Parts 1 and 2 are on Veoh, if you’re still looking. (Into The Jungle Sunzoo) I have the .avi for both parts if you’re interested.

    1. I already tried to upload on Youtube, but they muted the audio. Can’t find a way to get around that, unfortunately. Luckily we have 2 alternate ways of viewing.

    1. The episodes have qood quality. Pls leave a comment on the site. If there are 10 comments, they will post the videos next week, too.


  2. I know Yonnie likes Movement and has subbed DT related stuff before. I think she is taking requests now on her website. How about ‘drunkentigermusic’ on Youtube? He is the one who reupped the Eng subbed episodes of the first documentary. If I’m not mistaken, I think he did the subbing himself, I don’t think those are Yonnie’s subs. I recall some of the wording being different between Yonnie’s and his.

    1. yonnie’s on break for school apparently. i’ll see if dtmusic will do it.

      for now we got the ok from jungle to put up ep 1 & 2 for those interested.

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