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[photos] “Where We’ve Been” – The Sunzoo Project In Los Angeles

Thanks to the great response to the NY photos, I decided to do the same for the latest shots from the LA “MY Time” video shoot. LA is not my native domain, so I had to do a little extra research to bring this to ya’ll. LA is where JK spent most of his childhood, so if there are any mistakes, feel free to correct me so I can give J’s town justice.

Classic Cars and The Bridge To Los Angeles

Thanks to California’s vibrant car culture, LA is home to some of the biggest car collectors in the world. Included in this group is Danny Soto, who has such a valuable collection of classic cars that he rents them to musicians for their video shoots. Remember that car that could actually “jump” in the Kris-Kross “Jump Jump” video? That’s one of Danny’s cars. Other artists who he’s worked with: SWV, Cypress Hill, and now, Sunzoo. Tasha and JK took their lended 63′ Impala across the 6th Street Viaduct, an 80 year old bridge that connects 2 major California freeways to the heart of downtown LA. The bridge is no stranger to media cameos: it’s been used in Terminator 2, Grease, and of course, To Live and Die in L.A. This location was chosen by director David Kebo because of its symbolic association as the entrance to LA, and nothing says LA better than riding into the city with a classic car.

Driving across the bridge.

Tasha’s reflection in the side view mirror

For Rockstars, Pop Stars, and Superstars Alike: Nightbird Studios

With its plush interior, great location,and renowned sound equipment, NightBird Studios has become the 2nd home for multiple stars, including Madonna, Will.I.Am, Chaka Khan, John Legend, and well… the list goes on like that. The crew came here to do some final touches on the record as well as record some scenes for the MV.

Producer Techbeatz mixing the record. Techbeatz has produced non-stop hit records for JK, including “Monster,” and “Jetpack.” Like many of JK’s team, the two have been friends since high school.

The Personalities of Downtown

Downtown LA has changed a lot in the last 10 years, urbanizing at a surprising rate. Fashion houses, posh clubs, new theaters, they’re all popping up downtown. However, like any downtown neighborhood, you have your share of “personalities” walking the streets. On the corners of 6th and Spring St, JK decided to be one of those personalities, reminding us all of doomsday. 2012?

An Expensive Venue, A Good Friend

The majority of the “MY TIME” MV was shot at 650 North, a massive club/venue space in West Hollywood named after its own street address. It’s a multi-roomed venue with a club, atrium, lounge, and cafe, most of which was used by the crew for the video. The rent for the venue was almost as much as the actual budget, but thanks to loyal friend, Kia, the owner of the venue, the crew was able to use it free of charge. Above, Tasha is shooting scenes in front of the same bar pictured below.

With a Legend: Rakaa Iriscience

The MV ends with two legends coming together. Since their collab on the English version of “Monster,” Rakaa has remained a good friend and personal advocate for JK and Tasha’s music. For this shot I unfortunately cannot pinpoint a location, but the two have talked about future collabs and are already mutually promoting their projects both in Korea and the US.

*EDIT* The last shots of the MV were filmed at VR (Velvet Room), a club staple in LA’s Koreatown.

Thanks to director, Dave Kebo, for helping put a story to the photos. 



[notice] Welcome To The Jungle Will Air in the US with English subs

US FANS — Sorry for the last minute notice, but Welcome To The Jungle will air in the US tonight (MARCH 7TH) on MNET AMERICA at 8PM and then the reair at 11PM. Below is a list of some of the carriers (listed by area). If your city is not on the list, please check the website.

-edit- the episodes will air every Monday at 8pm until the all 4 episodes have been shown.


Time Warner – 157
Charter – 143
Cox – 475


Time Warner – 560
Fios – 229
Patriot – 149


Cox – 465
Fios – 229


[spoilers] Welcome To The Jungle Ep 3 & 4

WARNING: If you do not want to ruin the show for yourself, DO NOT read this and wait until the videos are uploaded online. The following includes SPOILERS.

Episode 3 [What Makes Tiger JK]

This episode featured the different aspects of JK and what are his most noticeable characteristics.

A Good Friend Who Can’t Dance: The episode starts with short testimonials from friends, including comedian Yoo Jae Suk, his personal hair dresser Yang Lee (who also owns a FANTASTIC salon in Hongdae and I personally recommend!), producer Jason Park, and his management team. In summary, they call JK a good friend, handsome, stylish… but he can’t dance, and well, according to his management, he’s frustrating to manage sometimes.

Jordan’s central role: JK claims he puts Jordan over himself. Tasha is the same, putting Jordan first, and then JK second. After Jordan’s birth, JK felt strong and now had two loves in his life: his wife and his child. Jordan repays the love by playing around his father’s feet and saying, “What is that smell? Ugh, it’s you, dad! Your feet are dirty!” Love you too, son.

JK kicks ass… literally: We’ve only seen JK’s Taekwondo moves a few times, primarily from the “Do You Know Hip-Hop” music video. JK holds a 3rd degree black belt and was a Taekwon Do teacher during his teen years and early 20s. His friends share stories of how well JK fights often, but Episode 3 and 4 shows his agility to the world. During a play fight with his manager, his manager tries to get a few hits off of him, but later is seen running behind an easel to hide from JK’s kicks.

His myelitis: Diagnosed in 2005, JK had a severe initial reaction to his myelitis medication, causing him to gain weight. He describes it as an extremely painful time where he could barely move. His pain and appearance took a toll on his sanity, and if it wasn’t for Tasha’s continuous support, he would’ve lost it. Tasha chokes up as she describes JK during this time: “He was in constant pain, but he pretended not to be for those around him. But after knowing someone for 10 years, you can see through that.”

His Relationship with Tasha: The show goes into the history of the couple’s relationship, stating that they had known each other for over 10 years, but started dating officially 7 years ago. They started off as really good friends, and during a time where Tasha felt like an outcast, JK was always a good oppa whom she found attractive. Handsome, spoke English well, made her laugh… but couldn’t dance.

The World’s Most Underappreciated Artist: John Legend calls Tasha a “real artist” who kills it on the mic. She was asked last minute to feature on his set during his 2009 concert in Korea. Producer !llmind (Eminem, Ll Cool J, Jay-Z) calls her “the most talented urban artist he’s ever seen,” citing she has pure passion when she’s on the mic, a trait of a “natural born star.”

Putting Herself On Hold: Being the Sunzoo project came up randomly during 2010, Tasha admits she was frustrated that she had to put her own album on hold for awhile. Her last album came out in 2007, but even more frustrating was her last hip-hop album came out in 2002. However, little by little, the project grew on her and she is happy she did it. Her solo album, which will focus on hip-hop, is now slated for debut sometime this year.

[Episode 4: Welcome To New York]

The episode starts with a crew laying down the initial verses of the “Get Down” track, leading them to the filming of the MV in New York City.

Introducing director Rik Cordero: Joining the Sunzoo fam is award winning director, Rik Cordero, a Filipino-American director based in NYC.  He’s done music videos for artists Jay-Z, Q-Tip, and members of the WuTang Clan. When he was first introduced to the “Get Down” track by !llmind, he immediately thought of it as a great collab and wanted to be a part of it.

“Why Didn’t You Bring the Shoes?!” When the crew arrives in New York, DJ Jhig brings a pair of Vlado Shoes for JK, but Stylez clowns on him for not bringing the pair he was bragging about in LA. “‘Check out these shoes I got for J! Check out these shoes I got for Jordan!'” he mocks, “and he didn’t bring them!”

Where Grammies are Born: In true New York fashion, the crew takes the A train from their West Village hotel up to Harlem’s StadiumRed Studio to put the final touches on “Get Down.” The studio houses tons of grammies and platinum records, including some from Jay-Z, Usher, and Justin Timberlake.

Like James Bond: In the last bits of the episode, we’re taken into Brooklyn, where the “Get Down” MV is shot. Inspired by Casino Royale, JK plays a sort of James Bond character and Tasha the seductive yet dangerous Bond lady. While wearing a slick, backless dress, she unfortunately has to record in a heater-less studio during the brutal New York winter. Luckily, filming goes smoothly… until JK breaks a glass of wine on set.

To Brazil? Post credits, JK and Tasha are seen leaving New York in a car. JK turns to Tasha and asks, “Do you want to go to Brazil next?” Tasha asks who he will see there. “Let’s just go,” he replies, “It’ll be fun.” Story to be continued.

Videos and episodes to come. Until next time….


[preview] Welcome To The Jungle Ep. 3 & 4

Leaked by TVN producers. These episodes will highlight Sunzoo’s trip to NYC and filming of the “Get Down” single with acclaimed hip-hop MV director, Rik Cordero.

Catch the next episode on TVN, February 22nd, 10PM (Korea time).

P.S. Today (February 21st) is JK and Tasha’s 3 year anniversary. Congrats!

-Miss DrunkenCamp

[vid] Welcome To The Jungle Ep. 1 & 2 (for all the international fans!)

So after repeated requests from fans outside of Korea, I had to leak the episode. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone who could sub it. If a subbed version comes out, I will definitely post it!

NOTE: You will need the Veoh Player plugin for your browser or download the VeohPlayer on to your computer. YouTube has a 10 minute limit and right now no one has split the episode for view on YouTube.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

thanks to colomaj087 on Veoh.


[random] Highlights from today’s Welcome To the Jungle episodes

All I can say is WOW, this TVN special gives a whole new take on real life with Drunken Tiger and the Sunzoo team. The DCamp team along with DT Brasil is searching the net non-stop for an online version right now, but I’ll give a quick rundown from what I could understand. Luckily for us English only speakers, the crew spends a significant amount of time speaking English, so even if a video pops up online without subtitles, we should be okay.

I missed the first 20 minutes due to work, but this is what I caught:

The first episode takes us to Los Angeles, where the crew filmed “My Time.” Featured in this video are Rakaa Iriscience, Roscoe, Styliztik Jones, and Tasha. They filmed at a very expensive location that was given to them for free thanks to a mutual friend named Kia. Dave Kebo (veteran DT director) and TJ (the star of the “Great Rebirth” MV) were a major part of the production.

JK speaks Portuguese: well, some words. In “My Time,” he drops the words “SUVACO MINAS AND MANOS OBRIGADOO (“Hands in the air [more literal translation – ‘armpit’) friends, thank you”

Beefin: A racist biker yells comments at JK and Tasha while filming on the streets of LA. JK replies in English and before a confrontation went down, the guy drives away like a coward. JK admits that he’s calmed down a lot since he’s a father and regrets the tort, but I doubt he’s someone you should mess with (*ahem* 3rd degree black belt).

Naksan Concert: Roscoe and Styliztik Jones praise Tasha a lot, with Roscoe saying how Tasha is what makes Sunzoo special. He calls her, “not only a star here in Korea, but someone who has the potential to be famous worldwide.”

Styliztik Jones must learn how to say “what” in every language: He’s figured out how to say it in Spanish, a European language that escapes me, and now Korean. When asked who taught him, he admits Tasha did it.

Keepin it Simple: Stylez praises Tasha and JK for staying in Uijungbu, their original “hood,” rather than using their new found fame to move to the richer parts of Seoul.

Jay Park makes a cameo: Rehersal footage from Naksan reveals Jay Park walking through the shots of the documentary.

Episode 2: Macau/MNET Asia Music Awards

Brasil: Brasil sent in a handful of 5 second clips shouting out to JK and the producers briefly show photos/clips of them all.

Thievery: Tasha jacks JK’s credit card and goes shopping – She admits she loves to shop, and didn’t expect JK would catch her. Korean credit cards, however, send some members texts if the card is used, leading to Tasha getting caught.

Ballin and Free Samples: The crew stays at the Venetian hotel in Macau courtesy of MNET. They get courtesy MNET headphones As the only Korean ambassador for the brand, JK gets courtesy “Beats By Dr. Dre” headphones. Depending on the artist endorsement, the headphones retail at the ridiculous minimum price of 450,000won ($450) at the MNET Pub in YeungdongPo Time Square Mall.

No red carpet strut: After some discussion about changing outfits for the red carpet and the performance, the crew learns they unfortunately cannot walk the red carpet because they are the opening act.

Held Back… and Fail: After their performance, JK climbs over the railings to shake hands with fans. Guards briefly try to pull him away from the crowd, only to leave them unsuccessful and the crowd cheering.

The episode ends with an MV they filmed in NY “On and On (below).”

And until the full episodes are uploaded, I leave you with the “My Time” and “On and On” MVs.

“My Time” – Hi Res

“On and On”

next week: New York (my home town)

-Miss DrunkenCamp