[exclusives] Front Row Photos from LA Jungle Concert

Three years ago, I met with JK in a VIP balcony of the Wiltern. Dressed in a casual black jacket and jeans, most would’ve never guessed he was an honorary special guest that night, and other than a brief appearance on the red carpet, he was escorted in and out just like any other guest. The Wiltern has such historical meaning for the city of Los Angeles, with its classic Victorian structure and an array of all-star artists that have sold out its 2,300 seats. Though JK never said it, I knew his LA roots fueled his desire to be on stage that night, and it was relieving to see him fill the theater the way he did last week.

Thanks to Drunken Tiger veteran music video director, Dave Kebo, and numerous other attendees, we got some great shots. From guest appearances from JK’s musical entourage (Ann, Styliztik Jones, Dumbfoundead, Jay Park) to Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn tweeting pictures of JK himself, it was truly an unforgettable night.

For a full review of the night, view LA Weekly’s and Kpop Fever’s recaps.

Thanks to: Dave Kebo & Taewuk Ko



3 thoughts on “[exclusives] Front Row Photos from LA Jungle Concert”

  1. Ah! I saw Dumbfoundead’s video on the behind the scenes action!

    I was wondering, do you know where I can find an English-subbed version of TvN’s “Welcome to the Jungle”

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