Official Statement from Feel Ghood Music regarding “The Interview” movie and Yoon MiRae’s “Pay Day”

As some of you may or may not have heard, a remixed version of Yoon MiRae’s, “Pay Day,” (“May Day” Remix) was included in Sony’s controversial film, The Interview. Sony and FGM had initially talked about using the song in the movie, though FGM had their reservations given the content. The song in the end was not properly cleared for use, but appeared in the film anyway. As a result, FGM is in the process of taking legal actions against Sony. This is the official statement FGM gave on December 26th.

There are many news articles being released regarding this, both in Korea and in the United States. DT INTL was going to initially stay quiet on this, but we now feel compelled to respond due to the international coverage. As many of you know, we have served as Drunken Tiger/Tiger JK’s official English website for over 13 years, and this was not how any of us envisioned he or YoonMiRae would gain notice worldwide.

This has unfortunately come on the heels of the success of their recent single, “Angel,” which had already hit #1 and stayed there for many weeks. Rest assure, this ordeal with Sony came as a surprise, and takes away the positive message that the song really stands for.

Our followers have asked if we can provide any more information than what’s been stated. We will be updating as FGM releases more information. In the meantime, fans are free to voice their opinion via replying here or to Sony directly (Twitter and Facebook).

Thank you for supporting MFBTY.

-Elsa (MissDrunkenCamp)
Drunken Tiger International


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