[NEWS] 10 Year Old Drunken Tiger Song Finds Resurgence As A Result of Korea’s Cigarette Price Hike

South Korea has long had one of the cheapest prices for cigarettes worldwide, averaging $2.50 USD per pack. In response to international pressure and growing concern for high cancer rates in Korea, the government nearly doubled the price as of late, with packs averaging $4.50 USD. As a result, Drunken Tiger JK’s “Singer Wannabe/5000 won ($5)” has become popular again. The song was one of Tiger’s pseudo-spoof attempts to sing a pop song, where he talks about how he gets ripped off for a pack of cigarettes. Lyrics have been roughly translated below:

“In my wallet, I had exactly 5000 won ($5)
I went into the bakery in the alley
And bought one pack of cigarettes
(Bought cigarettes)
Next to the shelves
Was a shabby TV
The girl on TV wanted me and asked me to look at her
During that time, I got my change
Exactly 500 won (50 cents)*
I thought I gave her 5000 won!
Oh lady!
Why do you make me cry?
(I’m crying)
Oh lady!
That was all my money
5000 won! 5000 won!
5000 won! 5000 won!
My 5000 won! 5000 won! 5000 won!
My my my my 5000 won!
Lady, you’re tearing out my heart
That night
Was one I will never forget
It was a cold night
Cigarettes are 1500won ($1.50)
But only 500won back…
1500 won…”

*In the song, the price of cigarettes is $4.50, the current real life price of cigarettes.

Drunken Tiger International



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