[NEWS] MFBTY, Tiger JK – “Even we get our name wrong every now and then.”

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae appeared on “YTN News12 – Issue & People” on March 18, 2015 discussing the story behind their group name.

MFBTY, is short for “My Fans Better Than Yours”. Although the underlying concept behind the name is excellent, Tiger JK stated that even they get their name wrong.

“We didn’t know it would blow up like this, we had a fanclub whom made our group name for us and before we knew it, it kind of got stuck and we went with it”

“All around the world, people have been showing us mad love for our new album “Wondaland” however, in Koreait’s a different story.”

He advised that in his opinion, although their music is hot, their group name is making it difficult for fans to show love.

The comments relating to the program included comments such as “Please change your name to something easier for the Korean fans.”, “Netizens, please help my favorite group change their name into something easier for everyone!”, “It really is too hard”, “The meaning is awesome however, the pronunciation…”

MFBTY’s first album. “Wondaland” has three title tracks, “Hello Happy”, “Bang Diggy Bang Bang”, and “In Your Eyes”.

“Wondaland”, is comprised of 17 tracks and is available now in all major music retailers.

In addition to the success of the album, MFBTY is scheduled to appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. YooHeeYeol is responsible for picking the title tracks. Tiger joked that if the album was a success, it would be thanks to Yoo Hee Yeol, but if it flops, it would be his fault.


-Cheryl S
YoonMiRae INTL


One thought on “[NEWS] MFBTY, Tiger JK – “Even we get our name wrong every now and then.””

  1. Oh my. It’s not hard to pronounce the name, it’s hard when people try to say it fast then the name goes all over the place. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NAME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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