Jeon InKwon on Tiger JK: “When I First Met Him, I Thought He Was A Beggar;” Collab With Lee MoonSeh

LeeMoon Seh, CNBlue YongHwa, JeonInKwon, Tiger JK on YHYSketchbook

Tonight marks the 6th anniversary of renowned live entertainment show, YooHeeYeol Sketchbook. Many of Yoo’s colleagues came to perform for the event, giving audiences a rare opportunity to see some of the greats collaborate on stage together.

Tiger JK came on stage with JeonInKwon, who collaborated with MFBTY on their song, “Love and Peace.” Tiger reminisced about the first time he saw JeonInKwon live, “I felt so alive at his concert. Being on stage with him today is like a dream come true.”

The audience was amazed how the two came together for a song. Yoo then asked Tiger why he wanted to collab with Jeon, to which Tiger simply replied, “His voice has so much raw soul.”

Jeon admitted than when he first met Tiger, he thought Tiger was a beggar. This caused the audience to erupt in laughter. Jeon continued, “However, it’s hard to meet cool people in Korea like him, and he was very cool. He is extremely talented.”

Backstage, Tiger JK also met LeeMoonSeh, a veteran R&B musician and TV personality. Lee MoonSeh took this as an opportunity to talk to JK about collaborating with Tasha. He is a fan of Tasha’s raw R&B/hip-hop sound and proposed a song together would produce a unique track. Tiger JK agreed and both look forward to making the collab happen.

Yoo HeeYeol Sketchbook airs tonight May 8th, 11:55PM on KBS 2TV.

Source 1: Sports Chosun
Source 2: Everyday Economics

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