[Vid] Happy Birthday, T! Artists Talk About The First Time They Heard YoonMiRae #MiRaeMay

Happy Birthday, Queen T! There’s no doubt that YoonMiRae has influenced generations of artists and to this day, impresses those who cross her path. In celebration of her birthday, we asked media personalities, friends, and fans about the first time they heard her voice and clearly our queen has left lasting impressions.

Artists who contributed include AllBlack’s Microdot, Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), HeeSun Lee, Arden Cho, David Choi, Rekstizzy, Danny Chung, and a surprise appearance from Tasha’s former other half

Fans from everywhere left messages about their experience using hashtag #MiRaeMay on Twitter. Let’s keep the love alive and let YoonMiRae know about your first impressions too.




One thought on “[Vid] Happy Birthday, T! Artists Talk About The First Time They Heard YoonMiRae #MiRaeMay”

  1. The commentary says it all! T is blessed with a one of a kind voice that transcends many Geres of music. No matter what direction she chooses it’s always a masterpiece of excellent quality! Happy B-day to the International Queen. Wishing you the very best! DJ Tony

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