[MV] TIGER JK Releases Single “Good To See You Again;” Explains All His Instagram Posts

After the colorful time travel piece that was MFBTY’s “BangDiggyBangBang,” the drop of Tiger JK’s newest single “Good To See You Again,” comes as a complete 180 to fans. The bluesy single is a love song with references dedicated to Tiger JK’s fans, but the music video does not take on the traditional love song video formula.

The simple video takes viewers through Tiger JK’s Uijeongbu neighborhood, all areas he cites as places that are part of his everyday life. We also see a vision board and flashbacks of his career highlights, a special trip down memory line for fans.

However, what fans may be shocked to see are the spliced dream sequences that take JK through different, sometimes questionable, adventures. When asked why he made such a video, JK stated he wanted to show fans a realistic reflection of both himself and situations that do happen in real life.

Long time fans of JK know that he is no stranger to keeping things simple. In the past week, JK posted a series of old photos (see here and here) showing how he used to rock shows. In one photo, he shares:

Tiger JK couldn’t afford stage clothes and didn’t give a F. Just walked up to the TV shows and performed. All I needed was a mic and my rhymes.”

His low budget MVs are signature to him, showing after all the fame, he is a simple guy who does not live the flashy celebrity life. “Good To See You Again” the MV is a time trip for his loyal fans, while also showing how his down to Earth personality has not changed.

-Drunken Tiger International



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