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[Interview] Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-Rae & Bizzy Team Up for MFBTY Hip-Hop Supergroup


Can you tell us about the origins of the concept of the MFBTY project, how it came about?

Tiger JK: The origin of the concept for MFBTY came from love. And it came about in the loveliest way. Our album “WondaLand” is a K-pop fantasy world where everybody loves Bizzy, Tiger, and Yoon Mi-rae.

Bizzy: People who are lost in their own lanes, they all deserve to be happy in this “WondaLand.” “My Fans Better Than Yours” is what MFBTY stands for.

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[Interview] MFBTY Reveals Hidden Gems from “Wondaland,” What They’re Listening to Right Now, and More!


Soompi interviews MFBTY:

Tiger JK: “We had over 30 plus songs. There were some definite bangers we didn’t put on this record because they didn’t fit. But you’re going to hear them soon.”

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Soompi Interviews MFBTY

[Lyrics] MFBTY “Wondaland” Album Lyrics Translated

Thanks to Pop!Gasa, all of MFBTY’s lyrics from the albums, “Wondaland”, “The Cure”, and “Sweet Dream” can now be found translated into English.

Without further ado, here’s the list for all of you, please click through to your heart’s content:


1. MFBTY (feat. Jeon In Kwon) – Love And Peace (사랑과 평화)

2. MFBTY (feat. Yong Jun Hyung of BEAST) – Let It Go

3. MFBTY (feat. Sonnet Son) – Love  Game (사랑놀이)

4. Fart Dance (방귀Dance) Performed by Jordan Seo

5. 6am

6. Rebel Music

7. MFBTY (feat. Dok2) – Hollywho

8. MFBTY – Love Fortune

9. MFBTY (feat. EE, Rap Monster of BTS, Dino-J) – Bucku Bucku (부끄부끄

10. Halftime (야야야)

11. In Your Eyes (눈빛에)

12. MFBTY (feat. Yoo Hee Yeol) – Hello Happy

13. Bang Diggy Bang Bang (방뛰기방방)

14. Yoon Mi Rae with Tiger JK & Bizzy (MFBTY) – Angel

The Cure

1. All In Together (뭉쳐)

2. BizzyTigerYoonmirae

3. Time Travel (첫눈이 오면 설레였던 꼬마아이)

4. The Cure (살자)

5. Beautiful Life

6.  GO

Sweet Dream

1. Sweet Dream

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