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Tiger JK to collaborate with artists from America, the Philippines, and Japan for ‘2010 MAMA’

Hip hop artist Tiger JK will be collaborating with global artists for the ‘2010 MAMA‘ (Mnet Asian Music Awards), to be held on November 28th in Macau.

Special invites were extended to his rapper friends in America, the Philippines, and Japan to create a special stage promoting global music.

Tiger JK commented, “No matter what music you do, you will never advance if you’re forever trapped in a small pond. To have an Asian music awards ceremony such as MAMA introducing music from all parts of Asia, and showing interest in one another is very welcoming to me as an artist.”

Representatives of MAMA added, “The majority of Korean music introduced to the rest of Asia consists of idol dance music. We hope that Tiger JK’s stage will give us the opportunity to promote a variety of genres. The stage itself will be extremely large-scale and will break the standards of hip hop.”

The stars invited for this year’s special MAMA stage include Stylistic Jones from America, ZEEBRA from Japan, and Roscoe Umali from the Philippines. The three all collaborated with Tiger JK frequently, and created a deep music-based friendship.

The song they will be performing is also being produced by a famous Japanese producer, Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM). Regarding his participation in MAMA, FPM stated, “I love the meaning behind being able to collaborate with different countries all over Asia. This is a stage I am highly anticipating.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate
translation: Allkpop.com