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[video/pics] Photojournal from R-16

Thanks to fans, friends, and The Sunzoo crew, we were able to compile some of the best photos and videos from last week’s Sunzoo Concert. For those who were stuck elsewhere and unable to go like me, thank your fellow fans for waiting hours for this performance and holding a camera still for 40 minutes straight!

Front Row: Abridged Version

Full Performance Part 1: Sansoo (Math) + True Romance + Let’s Dance

Part 2: Good Life with Jay Park, Jet Pack

Part 3: Pay Day, Monster, Get Down

Photo Credits: DJ Jhig, Roscoe Umali, Miguel Pearson, Brian Shin, CrazyPhotographer
Video Credits: Miguel Pearson, Sofia_KR 



[video + news] Sunzoo Official Website Opens, New “Get Down” MV

After two long months since the debut of Welcome To The Jungle TV series, the official Sunzoo website (www.therealsunzoo.com) finally opened today.

As part of the site launch, photos from the crew’s trips around the world and a new “Get Down” music video have been released. This new video was made  by TVN producer, BaeSungSang, from a compilation of footage from the TV series.


On a side note, the website still has some incomplete parts, but after only being open for an hour, it crashed due to an overwhelming inflow of fans visiting the site (so be patient if you’re unable to get in right away :D).

Photo Credit: DTBrasil


[spoilers] Welcome To The Jungle Ep 3 & 4

WARNING: If you do not want to ruin the show for yourself, DO NOT read this and wait until the videos are uploaded online. The following includes SPOILERS.

Episode 3 [What Makes Tiger JK]

This episode featured the different aspects of JK and what are his most noticeable characteristics.

A Good Friend Who Can’t Dance: The episode starts with short testimonials from friends, including comedian Yoo Jae Suk, his personal hair dresser Yang Lee (who also owns a FANTASTIC salon in Hongdae and I personally recommend!), producer Jason Park, and his management team. In summary, they call JK a good friend, handsome, stylish… but he can’t dance, and well, according to his management, he’s frustrating to manage sometimes.

Jordan’s central role: JK claims he puts Jordan over himself. Tasha is the same, putting Jordan first, and then JK second. After Jordan’s birth, JK felt strong and now had two loves in his life: his wife and his child. Jordan repays the love by playing around his father’s feet and saying, “What is that smell? Ugh, it’s you, dad! Your feet are dirty!” Love you too, son.

JK kicks ass… literally: We’ve only seen JK’s Taekwondo moves a few times, primarily from the “Do You Know Hip-Hop” music video. JK holds a 3rd degree black belt and was a Taekwon Do teacher during his teen years and early 20s. His friends share stories of how well JK fights often, but Episode 3 and 4 shows his agility to the world. During a play fight with his manager, his manager tries to get a few hits off of him, but later is seen running behind an easel to hide from JK’s kicks.

His myelitis: Diagnosed in 2005, JK had a severe initial reaction to his myelitis medication, causing him to gain weight. He describes it as an extremely painful time where he could barely move. His pain and appearance took a toll on his sanity, and if it wasn’t for Tasha’s continuous support, he would’ve lost it. Tasha chokes up as she describes JK during this time: “He was in constant pain, but he pretended not to be for those around him. But after knowing someone for 10 years, you can see through that.”

His Relationship with Tasha: The show goes into the history of the couple’s relationship, stating that they had known each other for over 10 years, but started dating officially 7 years ago. They started off as really good friends, and during a time where Tasha felt like an outcast, JK was always a good oppa whom she found attractive. Handsome, spoke English well, made her laugh… but couldn’t dance.

The World’s Most Underappreciated Artist: John Legend calls Tasha a “real artist” who kills it on the mic. She was asked last minute to feature on his set during his 2009 concert in Korea. Producer !llmind (Eminem, Ll Cool J, Jay-Z) calls her “the most talented urban artist he’s ever seen,” citing she has pure passion when she’s on the mic, a trait of a “natural born star.”

Putting Herself On Hold: Being the Sunzoo project came up randomly during 2010, Tasha admits she was frustrated that she had to put her own album on hold for awhile. Her last album came out in 2007, but even more frustrating was her last hip-hop album came out in 2002. However, little by little, the project grew on her and she is happy she did it. Her solo album, which will focus on hip-hop, is now slated for debut sometime this year.

[Episode 4: Welcome To New York]

The episode starts with a crew laying down the initial verses of the “Get Down” track, leading them to the filming of the MV in New York City.

Introducing director Rik Cordero: Joining the Sunzoo fam is award winning director, Rik Cordero, a Filipino-American director based in NYC.  He’s done music videos for artists Jay-Z, Q-Tip, and members of the WuTang Clan. When he was first introduced to the “Get Down” track by !llmind, he immediately thought of it as a great collab and wanted to be a part of it.

“Why Didn’t You Bring the Shoes?!” When the crew arrives in New York, DJ Jhig brings a pair of Vlado Shoes for JK, but Stylez clowns on him for not bringing the pair he was bragging about in LA. “‘Check out these shoes I got for J! Check out these shoes I got for Jordan!'” he mocks, “and he didn’t bring them!”

Where Grammies are Born: In true New York fashion, the crew takes the A train from their West Village hotel up to Harlem’s StadiumRed Studio to put the final touches on “Get Down.” The studio houses tons of grammies and platinum records, including some from Jay-Z, Usher, and Justin Timberlake.

Like James Bond: In the last bits of the episode, we’re taken into Brooklyn, where the “Get Down” MV is shot. Inspired by Casino Royale, JK plays a sort of James Bond character and Tasha the seductive yet dangerous Bond lady. While wearing a slick, backless dress, she unfortunately has to record in a heater-less studio during the brutal New York winter. Luckily, filming goes smoothly… until JK breaks a glass of wine on set.

To Brazil? Post credits, JK and Tasha are seen leaving New York in a car. JK turns to Tasha and asks, “Do you want to go to Brazil next?” Tasha asks who he will see there. “Let’s just go,” he replies, “It’ll be fun.” Story to be continued.

Videos and episodes to come. Until next time….


[preview] Welcome To The Jungle Ep. 3 & 4

Leaked by TVN producers. These episodes will highlight Sunzoo’s trip to NYC and filming of the “Get Down” single with acclaimed hip-hop MV director, Rik Cordero.

Catch the next episode on TVN, February 22nd, 10PM (Korea time).

P.S. Today (February 21st) is JK and Tasha’s 3 year anniversary. Congrats!

-Miss DrunkenCamp

[photo leak] Welcome to the Jungle: Sunzoo

Thanks to one of show’s producers, photos from the Welcome to the Jungle reality special were leaked via his twitter page. Looks like we’ll see clips from the music video shoot, their trip to NY, and JK tweeting from abroad (ha!).


The special will be aired on TVN, February 15th, at 10pm (Korea time).

credits to: TVN PD Bae SungSang, DrunkenTigerBR


Tiger JK to collaborate with artists from America, the Philippines, and Japan for ‘2010 MAMA’

Hip hop artist Tiger JK will be collaborating with global artists for the ‘2010 MAMA‘ (Mnet Asian Music Awards), to be held on November 28th in Macau.

Special invites were extended to his rapper friends in America, the Philippines, and Japan to create a special stage promoting global music.

Tiger JK commented, “No matter what music you do, you will never advance if you’re forever trapped in a small pond. To have an Asian music awards ceremony such as MAMA introducing music from all parts of Asia, and showing interest in one another is very welcoming to me as an artist.”

Representatives of MAMA added, “The majority of Korean music introduced to the rest of Asia consists of idol dance music. We hope that Tiger JK’s stage will give us the opportunity to promote a variety of genres. The stage itself will be extremely large-scale and will break the standards of hip hop.”

The stars invited for this year’s special MAMA stage include Stylistic Jones from America, ZEEBRA from Japan, and Roscoe Umali from the Philippines. The three all collaborated with Tiger JK frequently, and created a deep music-based friendship.

The song they will be performing is also being produced by a famous Japanese producer, Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM). Regarding his participation in MAMA, FPM stated, “I love the meaning behind being able to collaborate with different countries all over Asia. This is a stage I am highly anticipating.”

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate
translation: Allkpop.com

[report] Rakaa Album Release Party – pt 3

The finale act is none other than Rakaa, and the other performers do a successful job of hyping up the crowd for him. He starts strong with some hard tracks off his latest solo, “Crown of Thorns.”

Rakaa gets the crowd to put their hands up. The crew joins him.

As Rakaa performs, JK steals a video camera and records Rakaa and the crowd.

Rakaa continuously asks the crowd if they’re tired. At this point, it’s already 2:30am. The crowd screams, “NO,” and while some show signs of wear, there is one guy in the crowd that couldn’t put his arms down. Tasha gives him a bottle of water to say “thank you.” Some of the crowd is lost as Rakaa talks about his Korean mother and how much he respects his roots. JK offers to translate and the crowd responds with an overwhelming reply filled with pride.

And as Rakaa finishes up songs from his solo, he treats the Dilated Peoples fans with hit songs from the past.

“Proper Propaganda – Dilated Peoples 2nd album

“Work The Angles” –  Dilated Peoples 1st album

“This Way” – Dilated Peoples 3rd album

Towards the end of his set, he brings it back to his solo and does “Ambassador Slang,” which features DT, Tasha, Roscoe, and Stylez. [warning: JK stepped off the stage right next to me and did a short dance in front of my camera, so there is a moment of shakiness due to panicking fans and bodyguards]

And of course, the final treat was “Monster,” with everyone the track. This was truly a moment in hip-hop history.

They end the night with a group bow.

and after all the hard work, some fun in the VIP room. they say the entertainment industry is 90% work, and 10% fun, but in all honesty, the 10% is all worth it. Backstage, we see surprise characters waiting like Palo Alto and JK’s old friends. It’s a small room bustling with at least 20+ people.

Despite chaos, it’s a nice moment between all of Drunken fam. Outside the curtains are fans patiently waiting. Some want autographs, some want to give gifts, and some are just dedicated enough to wait for the artists to come out so they can see them. Patience does not come unrewarded as some of these fans get a shot with Rakaa at 4am.

The crew is escorted out of a back elevator and hop into their van. The site of fans still waiting outside for a glimpse of everyone shows true dedication and the night ends with the crew giving smiles to adoring fans.

-Miss DrunkenCamp

credits to: Danny Oh & CBMassMatics for helping out with this post.

[report] Rakaa’s album release party – pt 1

After sifting through my photos and evaluating the night, I decided it’d be best to divide this into 2 posts. [warning: long post ahead]

It’s 6:30pm when I first arrive. Already, there is a line forming outside the club. There are 2 DT fans from the UK who were waiting since 4pm. One of them mentions he was a fan since 2000 and said he had never seen JK live. He couldn’t miss this opportunity. Long time dedication like that is truly beautiful.

JK and crew arrive at 7:30pm. Their infamous black van catches immediate attention as they are rushed inside the club.   The fans are teased with the sound of their rehearsal booming from inside. They are given some relief as ticket sales start selling at 8:00pm (an hour later than the scheduled time). Most of the relieved fans go off to dinner before the show starts.

After 15 minutes of waiting, the crew finishes their set and are on their way to get ready. We head off to YangLee Hair, a Hongdae spot that they frequent on occasion. Yang, the owner, is the stylist for a number of celebs and was there to personally handle their beauty needs.

As we enter, we see a wall of photos of celebs. At the elevator door is a picture of JK, and we laugh as he stands right next to it during the elevator wait. At the back of the salon is a wall of signed CDs, and 2 shelves filled with autographed Movement CDs.

(pictured: YoonMirae 3, Drunken Tiger 5, DT 7, DT4, and Bobby Kim’s 3rd)

The crew is rolling deep on this night. On top of the headlining performers, almost JK’s whole 8th album line up is present. Those who aren’t getting prettied up have to find ways to kill time before the show. Stylez is drawing on his iPad and mentions its is his lifeline on the road. Roscoe and !llmind talk about their time in NYC (Roscoe just finished rocking Radio City Music Hall with Donnie Wahlberg). Roscoe raves about the crazy double decker tour buses there and NY pizza (made me miss home!) Tasha, determined, finds the one English magazine hidden on the shelf and peruses through the fashion ads. Other major players in the crew, i.e. JK’s producer, Techbeatz, Jason Park, and rapper Loptimist, browse the internet or play games. While this is going on, JK and Rakaa are in the next room doing lines of interviews (almost 2 hours of it)

Halfway into preparations, everyone stops to take a group photo. [Pictured Left to Right: Rakaa, Loptimist, JK, Stylizstik Jones, Yang, Roscoe, Techbeatz, !llmind, and Tasha].

As the group puts the final touches on their show, some of us go back to the venue and claim our spot for the night. At 10:30pm, the loyalists of fans have already packed in. It’s a strange scene — a pillar divides the stage. On the left are primarily Korean fans, while the right are a group of non-Korean fans. They are there to see not only Rakaa, but some came primarily for JK or Tasha. They’re a sure sign that Jungle has gone truly international.

The DJ spins a strange mix of hip-hop and trance. Fans try to dance the time away, but they slowly become impatient and tired. Some are so tired that they choose to sit on the stage. Finally, at 12:30pm, JK comes out to introduce and MC for the night. He chooses to be the official translator as well.

J gives the crowd chants to practice and hypes them up. He introduces Bizzy and in pure Bizzy fashion, he jumps on the stage with crazy energy. As he performs parts of YDG’s “RUN” and his single “After the Night We Broke Up (해어진 다음 날),” he rocks the stage with a fire that fills the room. He had just finished a commercial shoot right before the show and couldn’t even go to the rehearsal, but he somehow rocked it out with 4x the energy than usual.

Roscoe’s up next with Stylistik Jonez. For those who don’t know, Roscoe’s been collaborating with JK since the 2nd album (2000). The two met through DT’s old DJ, DJ Jhig, who asked Roscoe not only to drop verses on the 2nd album, but to also help produce it. Roscoe admits that many of the tracks were produced and mixed down in his old house in a few short weeks. Stylez is a member of the LA collaborative hip-hop crew, Likwit Crew, who are also responsible for recruiting rappers Xzibit and The Alkoholiks.

Stylez steps off the stage to say what’s up to the fans. [The bodyguards are not happy apparently.]

This is what I dubbed “the hat trick.” They brought on a stack of 8 hats and Stylez went through all 8 saying he hated them all. Meanwhile, the fans anticipated they would get one thrown out at them. All they got was disappointment as Stylez threw them to the back of the stage.

Finally, Stylez decides to film the fans wiling out during their set. I will finish this post with Roscoe’s final song, “Live It Up.”


-L aka Miss DrunkenCamp