Drunken Tiger releases long awaited 9th album, “THE CURE” after a 4 year hiatus; dominates charts


Let me first apologize for being away from this site. Some personal matters got in the way, but now I’m good! Worse comes to worse, I am always active on my Twitter account!

Anyway, on September 13th, “THE CURE” was released with a slight change in the Drunken Tiger name. After a brief stint with Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy performing as MFBTY, the trio renamed themselves as “Drunken Tiger with Yoon Mirae and Bizzy.” The 9th album carries many past hits that exclusively were digital singles ( “Sweet Dream” and “Get It In”), the 2 standout tracks are “Beautiful Life” and “The Cure.” Both songs are inspired by those struggling, hopeless, and/or sick. Most of the inspiration came from JK’s past struggles and most recently his father, who was diagnosed with cancer. The song is also metaphorical of the 3 artists breaking off from their old label, Jungle Entertainment, and starting completely fresh. Challenged with the obstacles of most startup labels, the trio were somehow able to become the most downloaded digital album across all of Korea’s digital services on top of ranking in ITunes’ top hiphop album download list.

The trio also debuted their album via an interactive Google concert and 2 autograph signings. Despite what looks like success, the mass media industry has turned a blind eye to this “subtle” hit album. Echoing the early days of Drunken Tiger’s debut, JK uses it only as fuel to keep going. In true Tiger JK fashion, he admitted the album wasn’t for money or fame, but more so for his father and his fans.

This post is dedicated to JK’s father, who reinspired me to get back into the right funk!