Victory Sealed With A Kiss (JK wins Best Male Singer Award @ MAMA)

In an effort to unify all the music award ceremonies in Asia, MNET transformed their annual awards show into a continental wide award show, awarding and highlighting artists from all over Asia. JK was the first act of renovated MNET Asian Music Awards, starting the show with “Monster,” however, the huge highlight of the night came when JK beat out Bi (Rain), G-Dragon, Lee SeungChul, and MC Mong for the title of Best Male Artist of the year. JK has won his share of awards over the years, mostly under the Best Hip-Hop Artist category, but this is the first time JK has won the Best Male Artist award.

JK’s prize was first sealed with a kiss from wife, Yoon Mirae (Tasha). Clearly overwhelmed, JK was at lost for words when he delivered his speech.

Here is the Monster performance that started the show.

After the show, Interscope Records VP, Luke Wood, complimented JK on his performance:

“I was surprised by the energy from the stage with Drunken Tiger. Their skills in rapping are not inferior to that of American rappers like Jay-Z and Raekwon. Also with 2NE1, G-Dragon and Taeyang, I was impressed with the composition. Especially, with 2NE1’s pop dance musical. I also think 2PM and Yoon Mi Rae are memorable.”

While I wouldn’t personally mention some of the other artists in the same sentence with JK, it’s good to see JK and Tasha getting more recognition from international personalities. This adds on to the ongoing list of personas that have given props to the two (Talib Kweli, Rakaa/Dilated Peoples, Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Cypress Hill, John Legend, etc. etc.).

The last award show of the year, The Golden Disc Awards, comes up this weekend and JK is up for another Best Hip-Hop Artist award. Until then, I leave you with this photo from the latest M.A.C. Viva Glam campaign here in Korea.

P.S. The future generation of “Female Rappers” also did a special performance of Tasha’s “Pay Day,” at the MAMA awards….


4 thoughts on “Victory Sealed With A Kiss (JK wins Best Male Singer Award @ MAMA)”

  1. genuinely well deserved award. congratz! i dont think i could love the latest album any more than i do!

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