[spoilers] Welcome To The Jungle Ep 3 & 4

WARNING: If you do not want to ruin the show for yourself, DO NOT read this and wait until the videos are uploaded online. The following includes SPOILERS.

Episode 3 [What Makes Tiger JK]

This episode featured the different aspects of JK and what are his most noticeable characteristics.

A Good Friend Who Can’t Dance: The episode starts with short testimonials from friends, including comedian Yoo Jae Suk, his personal hair dresser Yang Lee (who also owns a FANTASTIC salon in Hongdae and I personally recommend!), producer Jason Park, and his management team. In summary, they call JK a good friend, handsome, stylish… but he can’t dance, and well, according to his management, he’s frustrating to manage sometimes.

Jordan’s central role: JK claims he puts Jordan over himself. Tasha is the same, putting Jordan first, and then JK second. After Jordan’s birth, JK felt strong and now had two loves in his life: his wife and his child. Jordan repays the love by playing around his father’s feet and saying, “What is that smell? Ugh, it’s you, dad! Your feet are dirty!” Love you too, son.

JK kicks ass… literally: We’ve only seen JK’s Taekwondo moves a few times, primarily from the “Do You Know Hip-Hop” music video. JK holds a 3rd degree black belt and was a Taekwon Do teacher during his teen years and early 20s. His friends share stories of how well JK fights often, but Episode 3 and 4 shows his agility to the world. During a play fight with his manager, his manager tries to get a few hits off of him, but later is seen running behind an easel to hide from JK’s kicks.

His myelitis: Diagnosed in 2005, JK had a severe initial reaction to his myelitis medication, causing him to gain weight. He describes it as an extremely painful time where he could barely move. His pain and appearance took a toll on his sanity, and if it wasn’t for Tasha’s continuous support, he would’ve lost it. Tasha chokes up as she describes JK during this time: “He was in constant pain, but he pretended not to be for those around him. But after knowing someone for 10 years, you can see through that.”

His Relationship with Tasha: The show goes into the history of the couple’s relationship, stating that they had known each other for over 10 years, but started dating officially 7 years ago. They started off as really good friends, and during a time where Tasha felt like an outcast, JK was always a good oppa whom she found attractive. Handsome, spoke English well, made her laugh… but couldn’t dance.

The World’s Most Underappreciated Artist: John Legend calls Tasha a “real artist” who kills it on the mic. She was asked last minute to feature on his set during his 2009 concert in Korea. Producer !llmind (Eminem, Ll Cool J, Jay-Z) calls her “the most talented urban artist he’s ever seen,” citing she has pure passion when she’s on the mic, a trait of a “natural born star.”

Putting Herself On Hold: Being the Sunzoo project came up randomly during 2010, Tasha admits she was frustrated that she had to put her own album on hold for awhile. Her last album came out in 2007, but even more frustrating was her last hip-hop album came out in 2002. However, little by little, the project grew on her and she is happy she did it. Her solo album, which will focus on hip-hop, is now slated for debut sometime this year.

[Episode 4: Welcome To New York]

The episode starts with a crew laying down the initial verses of the “Get Down” track, leading them to the filming of the MV in New York City.

Introducing director Rik Cordero: Joining the Sunzoo fam is award winning director, Rik Cordero, a Filipino-American director based in NYC.  He’s done music videos for artists Jay-Z, Q-Tip, and members of the WuTang Clan. When he was first introduced to the “Get Down” track by !llmind, he immediately thought of it as a great collab and wanted to be a part of it.

“Why Didn’t You Bring the Shoes?!” When the crew arrives in New York, DJ Jhig brings a pair of Vlado Shoes for JK, but Stylez clowns on him for not bringing the pair he was bragging about in LA. “‘Check out these shoes I got for J! Check out these shoes I got for Jordan!'” he mocks, “and he didn’t bring them!”

Where Grammies are Born: In true New York fashion, the crew takes the A train from their West Village hotel up to Harlem’s StadiumRed Studio to put the final touches on “Get Down.” The studio houses tons of grammies and platinum records, including some from Jay-Z, Usher, and Justin Timberlake.

Like James Bond: In the last bits of the episode, we’re taken into Brooklyn, where the “Get Down” MV is shot. Inspired by Casino Royale, JK plays a sort of James Bond character and Tasha the seductive yet dangerous Bond lady. While wearing a slick, backless dress, she unfortunately has to record in a heater-less studio during the brutal New York winter. Luckily, filming goes smoothly… until JK breaks a glass of wine on set.

To Brazil? Post credits, JK and Tasha are seen leaving New York in a car. JK turns to Tasha and asks, “Do you want to go to Brazil next?” Tasha asks who he will see there. “Let’s just go,” he replies, “It’ll be fun.” Story to be continued.

Videos and episodes to come. Until next time….



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  1. these spoilers will make do for now. thanks! no one has uploaded the torrents yet for these episodes, but as soon as they’re available i’ll be upping the videos to Veoh. hopefully, links will pop up soon. i’m looking forward to watching it myself!

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