[notice] Welcome To The Jungle Will Air in the US with English subs

US FANS — Sorry for the last minute notice, but Welcome To The Jungle will air in the US tonight (MARCH 7TH) on MNET AMERICA at 8PM and then the reair at 11PM. Below is a list of some of the carriers (listed by area). If your city is not on the list, please check the website.

-edit- the episodes will air every Monday at 8pm until the all 4 episodes have been shown.


Time Warner – 157
Charter – 143
Cox – 475


Time Warner – 560
Fios – 229
Patriot – 149


Cox – 465
Fios – 229



13 thoughts on “[notice] Welcome To The Jungle Will Air in the US with English subs”

  1. damn, i don’t get any of those channels 😦 has anyone found episodes 3 and 4…. also are they still continuing the show?

  2. Shoot. I missed it. I live in the DC metro area and have Fios. But channel 229 is the Soundtrack Channel. I’ll try tuning in next monday and see if it airs.

  3. Confirmed. Into the Jungle aired at 11pm EST on Channel 229 in the DC Metro Area. 229 is the Soundtrack channel but starting from 9 o’clock, it starts airing MNET America programs. There was no 8 o’clock showing tho. FYI.

    1. i think it’s due to the change in daylight savings time. therefore, it aired an hour later. in my area, it aired at 5PM today but 6PM last week, which i almost missed btw. ^^”

      for hawaii fans: channel 134 on oceanic time warner cable at 5PM Mondays.

  4. i just came home from work and i just turn on to Mnet and i caught the last 5 mins of the show. so is it going to air again? next mon?

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