[news/show] Come live chat with MFBTY on Arirang’s “After School Club”


MFBTY was recently invited to appear on Arirang’s, “After School Club” which will air December 23rd, 1PM KST.

“After School Club” invites fans to interact with their favorite celebrities via Google Hangout. Fans from all over the world can share thoughts and questions with the guest(s) of the day.

If any of you would like the opportunity to speak with MFBTY through Google Hangout, apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ra_QPOlly0MjggPCnIjq3ft7ASNnzcwGQWfxYZHvX3Y/viewform

If you would be interested in being a member of the audience instead via the Internet, apply here:


-Cheryl S. 


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