[news] MFBTY to Perform With SeoTaiji At Pentaport Rock Festival


Seo Taiji and Tiger JK, two of Korean music’s pioneers, will collab on stage together August 8th.

The two musicians will perform a special set on the second day of Pentaport Rock Festival at Songdo, Incheon City. MFBTY will be a guest of SeoTaiji’s and they will perform two of Seotaiji’s groundbreaking songs, “Ha Yu Ga,” and “Classroom Idealogy.”

Seotaiji has been called the father of Korean pop culture. He and his then group, Seotaiji Boys, changed Korean music with their song, “I Know,” and introduced the element of rap into the scene. Tiger JK & YoonMirae are said to be the pioneers of  hip-hop culture. The three artists coming together is a major event in Korean music history.

Tickets for Pentaport can be purchased via Interpark or through the Pentaport website. Ticket prices vary based on quantity and the day(s) attending.

Source: Sports Donga, StarDaily

-DrunkenTiger International



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