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Your go to guide to the US, Chile, and Paraguay mini #MFBTYTOUR

The MFBTY tour is approaching! Tiger JK, Yoonmirae, and Bizzy will be making stops in Irvine, CA, Chile, and Paraguay. We’ve summed up a mini-guide for fans gearing up.

October 7th

Irvine, CA

UC IRVINE, CALIFORNIA (1 hour south of Los Angeles)

Two MFBTY events on the same day

4:45PM UCI HG 1030, panel with Kurtis Blow (this event is open to the public, no ticket required)

Concert 7PM Irvine Barclay (closeby) – $30-$50

Tickets available

Parking is nearby at the Campus and West Peltason (next to theatre). Available for $10 (do not park at mall across street).

October 10th

Santiago, Chile

Teatro Novedades

Tickets available puntoticket.com

October 13th

Asunción, Paraguay

Teatro Guaraní

Tickets can only be purchased in person at the Paraguayan Korean Association.

For both the South America stops, there will be photo ops and a VVIP event (details to be announced).

We recommend following @mfbtyespanol for all South America inquiries, Dico Entertainment on Instagram for further information on Chile, and the Paraguayan Korean Association on Instagram for Paraguay updates.

The INTL will be posting about the Irvine California show on @drunkentigerintl Instagram. We’re also holding a ticket giveaway through September 29th.


MFBTY to perform at UC Irvine Afro-Korean Festival (10/07/19)

UPDATE 07/08: TICKETS FOR THIS CONCERT ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON THEBARCLAY.ORG. PRICES RANGE $25-$50 SO WE ANTICIPATE TICKETS TO SELL QUICKLY: http://www.thebarclay.org/events-details.asp?n=explore-events&n1=view-events&n2=by-date&refId=B9D2FDFD-A3B3-4CAE-999F-654830F0BF0D

We have received confirmation from Feel Ghood Music and UC Irvine Center for Korean Studies that MFBTY will be performing Monday, October 7th at UC Irvine. Tiger JK is also expected to partake in a panel discussing Korean hip-hop roots. The below is the preliminary announcement image, but we encourage people to join UCI Korea’s mailing list for immediate developing details.

Additional updates will be posted on this website and our social media feeds:

Twitter @drunkentigerint

Instagram @drunkentigerintl

Facebook @drunkentigerintl

[news] YoonMiRae Dominates in Marie Claire Korea’s March (Fashion!) Issue

Yoon Mi Rae adorned the pages of the March edition of Marie Claire showing sexiness and unmistakable charm.

MFBTY (a project group consisting of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae & Bizzy) has announced that their upcoming album will be released on March 19th, 2015.

During this photoshoot, Yoon Mi Rae showed off her new blonde hair and conveyed her global image as a powerful rapstar and soulful vocalist. The photos are taken in an casual peaceful setting to contrast and compliment the two sides of Yoon MiRae.


Yoon Mi Rae donned a white tone jump suit, evoking a powerful presence. Conversely, her black & gold outfit conveys her confident side while highlighting her enchanting facial expressions.


Yoon Mi Rae wasn’t afraid of showing off her own style either. Her silk outfit matched with knits and slacks reminds fans she too is a boss at Feel Ghood Music.


Yoon Mi Rae last look consisted of a see through shirt that was simplistic but classic.

With these looks by Yoon Mi Rae, along with the news that BTS’ Rap Monster is participating, expectations are getting even higher for MFBTY’s first official album launch.

This will be their first full album since they formed the group 18 months ago. On this album, Korean legendary rocker, Jeon In Kwon, will also feature as well as other (yet to be announced) well known artists within the Korean music industry.

MFBTY’s debut single, “Sweet Dream,” started their engine, along with the release of their mini album The Cure. Their songs have swept the various charts, taking the number 1 spot on numerous occasions. Yoon Mi Rae’s recently released the single, “Angel,” which took the crown on many music charts, proving their worth on the music scene.

Source: TheMute
Translation: JSK


[news/US show] Jungle Entertainment to hold US concert – Los Angeles

Jungle Entertainment will finally make its entrance into the United States with its first ever family concert. CJ E&M, along with several other top agencies, have created M-Live in part of the K-Pop global concert expansion.

On December 2nd, “M Live by CJ: The Jungle Concert in L.A” will be the first Korean hip-hop concert held in the United States. The concert will feature Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK), Yoon Mirae (Tasha), Leessang, Bizzy, and Jung In at the Wiltern.

With K-Pop expanding globally, Korean hip-hop will begin to find footing in the middle of the global Hallyu Wave.

The Wiltern, where Jungle Entertainment’s concert will take place, hold close to 3,000 seats and has seen performances held by Jay-Z&Eminem, Adele, Smashing Pumpkins, Tears for Fears, and other international artists.

POWERHOUSE has recently announced that they will begin selling the tickets for the family hip-hop concert on November 7th at 10AM PST. Ticket prices are as follows: $120, $100, $80, and $50.

Update! Tickets started going on sale on November 7th, with the pit being $120. Even though the pit is the closest you can get, it is standing room only, so go early! Buy tickets.

Credits: Koreaboo.com


[news] Tiger JK and Tasha to be on Ameriie’s new album; Ameriie features on Tasha’s in return

Fresh off her marriage to former manager, Lenny Nicholson, singer Ameriie headed straight for the studio upon her return to the US. In an exclusive with Billboard’s The Juice, Ameriie leaked news of her collaborating with Korea’s “Jay-Z and Beyonce,” for her fifth album. “Cymatika Vol 1.”

On the last album you collaborated with Trey SongzFabolous, andLil Wayne. Any collaborations this time around?

I did a Korean version of “Outside Your Body” [her current single]with Drunken Tiger‘s (Korean/American hip-hop group) member, [Tiger] JK and his wife (Tasha Reid). Those are my collaborations. JK is like the Korean Jay-Z. She’s (Tasha) also a rapper.They’re both amazing. I’m doing a record or two for Tasha’s upcoming album. I haven’t done it yet, and she’s probably going to kill me because I’ve been running around doing so much.

Her new album is scheduled for release in Summer 2012.



[edit] you have to sign up for TVN to watch the full episodes unfortunately. I’ll try to find a way around for you guys!

After PAINSTAKING searching and a bumping heads with the Google translator, I found a way to give you guys WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE EPISODE 3. For those who can’t speak Korean, remember, Welcome to the Jungle is being shown in the US WITH subtitles on MNET America every Monday night at 8PM. Please check their website for local listings.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

JUNGLE EP3 P2, posted with vodpod

and with that, I have to say–FINALLY!


Belated Wedding Gift – JK asks Project Runway Korea to design Tasha’s dream dress

Last night’s episode of Project Runway Korea guest starred JK as the designer’s client.  For a brief moment, the designers worried how they would design something for a hip-hop star, but were relieved when JK revealed the real challenge.

“Please make my wife a wedding dress.”

The couple had a small secret ceremony in 2007, but at the time, didn’t have the funds to get Tasha a real wedding dress. Tasha had always wanted a dress for her wedding, and JK personally requested Project Runway to create one for his wife.

JK requested a simplistic style, something that flatters Tasha’s collar bone and top, and something that flows on the bottom. The top 2 dresses were a toss up between Jung Mi Young’s design (top) and Yoon Choon Ho (bottom). MiYoung’s dress ultimately won the challenge.

Jung Mi Young (Winning Dress)

The 2nd dress is more my style, but the first one has an angelic look fit for a bride. 🙂

The worst dress was criticized for being over-embellished and for having Tasha’s name misspelled on the train of the dress (“Mi-Re” instead of “Mi Rae”).  On top of that, it was done with elementary school glitter. Remember those days when you would write your name in Elmer’s glue and drizzle glitter on top to create a “cool” picture? Yeah, picture that on a wedding dress. Yikes!

New English Interview! (and Forum for us!)

JK recently finished a very detailed and *rare* English interview with KoME world. Go their site to read more about the the roots of DT, influences, and yes, his great Twitter addiction.

Ko-Me World English Interview

Also, thanks to our sister site, TigerBalm, we now have an functioning English forum for us to debate and discuss. As much as I know how much everyone loves to read my stuff (:P), I know the opportunity to connect with other fans (and JK) is important. You will need to input a Korean SSN to read/write for now, however. Borrow a friend’s if possible.

DT English Forum

For now, JK is working on producing Tasha’s HIP-HOP album, her first since her 2002 release. More updates to come.