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[news] DT given sample credits on Kanye West’s new mixtape

Kanye West loves to give new life to samples and it’s no surprise that not too long after his visit to Korea, his DJ, Q-Tip, decided to use a beat from Korea’s local hip-hop legend. On Kanye’s latest mixtape, “G.O.O.D FRIDAYS: THE SAMPLES,” the song “Chain Heavy (feat. Talib Kweli and Consequence),” takes its roots from Drunken Tiger’s “주파수 (Frequency).”

In Korean music history, sampling from American musicians has not been uncommon. With this latest event, JK seems to have inspired the beginning of a reverse revolution.

JK’s “주파수 (Frequency)” – 8th Album: Feel Ghood Musik

Kanye’s “Chain Heavy

source: Exclaim.ca


[show] “SUMMER WEEK & T” – Kanye, DT, Roscoe, and Lupe Fiasco

Would you stomach a 4-hour bus ride (no bathrooms) to Naksan Beach for a 2-day concert featuring Kanye West, DJ DOC, Drunken Tiger, Tasha, Roscoe Umali, and Lupe Fiasco?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that would.

For a whopping 160,000won ($160), you can get access to probably one of the wildest line ups ever to reach Korea.

For the more sane, you can get a day pass for $120 ($82 if you have SK Telecom phone service).

The costs are quite high, but this concert takes place on one of the nicest beaches in Korea and those who are adventurous can spend $15 for a camp out on a beach (includes tent and the works) instead of the $140/night hotel room. So you can enjoy the scenery for the night on top of experiencing this wild ride of a show.

For Seoulites –  There’s a number of express buses that leave from GoSohk and Dongsu bus terminal that will take you to Yang Yang Bus Terminal near NakSan Beach. Costs run about $25 roundtrip. Another alternative is to take the KTX train to Gangnueng Station, an hour away from Naksan. A brief warning though – this option will take you 7 hours instead of the 3.5 hours the bus will take. The only major difference is you’ll have access to a bathroom and food cart the whole way.

To purchase tickets, Interpark has been nice enough to set up an English page for this show (unlike so many major shows that go on in Korea). Click here to purchase tickets.

P.S. If anyone is brave enough to stomach the wild ride to this place, please let me know. I’ve been to so many DT concerts, but none that were this problematic in terms of transportation.

-Miss DrunkenCamp