[news] DT given sample credits on Kanye West’s new mixtape

Kanye West loves to give new life to samples and it’s no surprise that not too long after his visit to Korea, his DJ, Q-Tip, decided to use a beat from Korea’s local hip-hop legend. On Kanye’s latest mixtape, “G.O.O.D FRIDAYS: THE SAMPLES,” the song “Chain Heavy (feat. Talib Kweli and Consequence),” takes its roots from Drunken Tiger’s “주파수 (Frequency).”

In Korean music history, sampling from American musicians has not been uncommon. With this latest event, JK seems to have inspired the beginning of a reverse revolution.

JK’s “주파수 (Frequency)” – 8th Album: Feel Ghood Musik

Kanye’s “Chain Heavy

source: Exclaim.ca



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