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[photos] DT crew kicks it with Hot 97’s Miss Info

While at Summer Week & T, the artists sat down for an interview and these exclusive photos were released. Pictured above: Tasha, Roscoe, JK, Stylistic Jonez, Miss Info, and Bizzy.

For those who don’t know, Miss Info is a hip-hop news reporter for New York’s hip-hop station, Hot 97. She is most known for her “Celebrity Gossip” segment on the station and also was a vocal protestor of the station’s controversial “Tsunami song” that mocked Asians. She is both a major force in the hip-hop industry and one of the more involved players in promoting Asian Americans in the media industry.

On a side note, a few days after the Naksan concert, Tigerbalm, Korea’s US website, posted an ambiguous news release stating JK is preparing to break into the US industry. No details were provided, but it’ll be interesting to see if this news will unfold at Rakaa’s Album Release party next week.

[photos/video] Naksan through the eyes of Drunken + fans

Last Saturday morning was ridden with insanely terrifying thunderstorms in Korea, topped with humidity off the charts. On top of the unbearable ride it would’ve taken me to get to the Naksan Summer Week & T concert, I was fairly content with my decision not to go and decided to wait out for Rakaa’s Album Release Party next week.

After seeing twitter updates from Naksan and videos popping up on Youtube, a big part of me regrets not having gone.

So I will share the best photos/footage I’ve found from this show and they are primarily from J/Tasha’s/Roscoe’s twitter updates. I am not a fan of seeing JK through “the public eye,” the JK we see just on television, but more the JK that is displayed on his twitter,  his blog, DT-LOVE, etc. Because that is the side that I know is the real JK.

So here is the collection of info I put together:

During the show, Roscoe tweets: “This might have been the largest crowd I’ve EVER rocked!!!”

JK shares this with Miss Info:

JK tweets: “목 다쉼. 몸 부러질것같음. 열심히 했다구요 ㅎ. I saw fans from Brasil at the show They got here before I got therrrr”

Seriously, if they really flew in from Brazil, props to these guys. That is a 27 hour flight + the 4 hour bus ride. Truly have topped all my traveling antics put together.

Roscoe shares this last photo with us. He writes:

“Finally back at the Hotel room after a Loooong memorable night…Thanks for the memories Naksan!!!”

Tasha writes similar words of love:

“낙산 너무 즐거웠어요^^ thank you NakSan beautiful energy!!”

There’s fan vids popping up everywhere, but there are only two that stand out to me:

“Monster” performed with Tasha, Roscoe (who broke out of his verse to freestyle), Stylistic, and Bizzy

This one popped out simply because JK broke his own rule and took his shirt off. Drunken followed 2pm’s former member, Jay Bom Park, who made a sudden comeback at this concert and is known for his body. JK was at first hesitant to follow him up and take his own shirt off, but I guess he at some point said F* it.

And while this isn’t Naksan related, I wanted to share this photo to end on a high note.

Goodnight everyone, and I will update you next week with exclusives from Rakaa’s album release party.


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