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[news] Rapper San E: “When I Was Younger, I Dreamed of Being Tiger JK”

While talking about his childhood on YooHeeYeol Sketchbook, rapper San E admitted that he wanted to be like Tiger JK growing up.

When San E first explored how to rap, he stated that when he moved to the US, he was told by his parents to learn to rap fast in English and not use Korean.

Coincidentally around that time, his Korean-American friends gave him Drunken Tiger’s 2nd album. It had been so long since he had listened to Korean music and he found himself enjoying the album a lot. Because of this, he got into Korean music again.

Host Yoo Hee Yeol asked if San E ever met Tiger JK. San-E replied, “I did, and I said to him, ‘Hyung, I was a kid who grew up listening to you, and look at me now.’ He then gave me the coolest hug.”

Source: TVReport
Translated by MissDrunkenCamp