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[video/pics] Photojournal from R-16

Thanks to fans, friends, and The Sunzoo crew, we were able to compile some of the best photos and videos from last week’s Sunzoo Concert. For those who were stuck elsewhere and unable to go like me, thank your fellow fans for waiting hours for this performance and holding a camera still for 40 minutes straight!

Front Row: Abridged Version

Full Performance Part 1: Sansoo (Math) + True Romance + Let’s Dance

Part 2: Good Life with Jay Park, Jet Pack

Part 3: Pay Day, Monster, Get Down

Photo Credits: DJ Jhig, Roscoe Umali, Miguel Pearson, Brian Shin, CrazyPhotographer
Video Credits: Miguel Pearson, Sofia_KR 



[news] The Tigress [and fans] Are Not Pleased

Oh, the repercussions of poor editing!

On SBS’s year end Gayo Dae Jun concert, JK did a unique set, collabing with Supreme Team to do “Good Life.” Due to apparent “time restrictions,” the SBS network cut off the set midway and cut to a DongBangShinGi teaser. This abrupt edit upset many fans, including the Mrs., Tasha.


Tweet 1 (Bottom): “This is surprising. It wasn’t even an encore stage, why was it like that! Why was it cut?”, Tweet 2 (an hour later, after calming down): “I’m so sorry but I love you. I was reprimanded by my husband. I got so heated up… I didn’t think an article would be written about it.”

Though JK thought the cut was unfortunate, but he stated he enjoyed performing, and to just look forward to the New Year.

So what was the uproar all about? See for yourself. I sided with Tasha on this one.

Tiger JK, Supreme Team, 정인 – True Romance, 땡땡땡, Good Life from DoYouKnowHipHop on Vimeo.

credits: Seoulbeats.com, AllKpop.com, DoYouKnowHipHop.com, NoteFromKaori