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It’s freezing in Seoul, my students give me a headache, and I can’t keep up with JK’s twitter

(above: JK tweeting, seriously)

Hey all,

So the updates have been MIA for awhile and I apologize. We started a new semester at my hakwon, and the start of semesters are always time consuming. Plus, JK’s shows have been really expensive lately, and my teacher’s salary can’t handle going to all of them lol

Anyway, I will try to update everything in a quick list. I’ve backtracked through pages and pages of JK’s twitter (www.twitter.com/drunkentigerjk) and will summarize. (BTW, JK, you are a twitter addict!)

At the Golden Disk Awards, JK won the title of Best Album of the Year, sporting dreadlocks reminscent of the 3rd album. While I’d love to go back and give a full report, JK’s twitter is insane and I can’t even backtrack 3 days ago.  From memory, I know he took this photo to please his halfy 2pm/Drunken Tiger fans.  I call them halfies because they are half DT fans and half 2pm fans.

Also, it was announced that JK’s label, Jungle Entertainment, signed on another artist, Cho Moon Guen, the runner up of Korea’s version of American Idol “Superstar K.” He’s a soul singer, sorta similar to Bobby, and the first male vocalist to join the label.

JK announced in another round of twitter updates that Tasha’s releasing a hip-hop album in March 2010, after nearly 8 years since her last hip-hop album, Gemini.

This coming week on Wednesday, JK’s going to be doing a concert with the Ying Yang Twins in Ilsan (Ilsan Kintext). If you’re balling, you can get a crapshoot seat for 99,000 won and for 250,000 won you can get in the pit. The concert starts at 9pm.

JK’s been tweeting videos and pictures of his life lately, which are quite entertaining. My personal fave is the one of his son watching Justin Timberlake perform on TV.

Other than that, I don’t have any other updates. I haven’t been able to be on scene for the latest shows due to the reasons I first mentioned. The only personal update I have for you is this:

JK texted me Merry Christmas.

Hope that’s satisfactory ;D

-Miss DrunkenCamp