Belated Wedding Gift – JK asks Project Runway Korea to design Tasha’s dream dress

Last night’s episode of Project Runway Korea guest starred JK as the designer’s client.  For a brief moment, the designers worried how they would design something for a hip-hop star, but were relieved when JK revealed the real challenge.

“Please make my wife a wedding dress.”

The couple had a small secret ceremony in 2007, but at the time, didn’t have the funds to get Tasha a real wedding dress. Tasha had always wanted a dress for her wedding, and JK personally requested Project Runway to create one for his wife.

JK requested a simplistic style, something that flatters Tasha’s collar bone and top, and something that flows on the bottom. The top 2 dresses were a toss up between Jung Mi Young’s design (top) and Yoon Choon Ho (bottom). MiYoung’s dress ultimately won the challenge.

Jung Mi Young (Winning Dress)

The 2nd dress is more my style, but the first one has an angelic look fit for a bride. 🙂

The worst dress was criticized for being over-embellished and for having Tasha’s name misspelled on the train of the dress (“Mi-Re” instead of “Mi Rae”).  On top of that, it was done with elementary school glitter. Remember those days when you would write your name in Elmer’s glue and drizzle glitter on top to create a “cool” picture? Yeah, picture that on a wedding dress. Yikes!


One thought on “Belated Wedding Gift – JK asks Project Runway Korea to design Tasha’s dream dress”

  1. Tasha can make anything look stunning. I actually like the 2nd dress better too, but Tasha rocked the first one all the same.

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