[news] TIGER JK “I’m planning to break into the US music industry.”

On August 8, in an interview with the Summer Festival Week & T, Tiger JK said: “I had a dream when I started working with music, so I was always satisfied with what little I had” … ‘But through twitter, I realized that many people (the U.S.) show interest in me and YoonMirae.”

Regarding his recent role in Rakaa’s “Crown of Thorns” album and future US collaborations, JK says that everything flowed naturally. “They showed interest in us and so many artists got to know theirs, but then I was willing to show our music to them too, influencing them to listen to our music.”

On the same day, Tiger JK invited Drunken Tiger affiliate member, Roscoe Umali, to the festival. The both hinted that they will perform with an artist with Korean-American decent on the 15th (surely, this would have to be Rakaa’s album release party).

JK will start his debut joining the underground Hip Hop artists from the United States, performing with “legendary” artists (“who” is the question). He will expand little-by-little, going from  cities like New York and LA, where many Korean immigrants, and media show a favorable interest in various types of music.

Another advantage JK has is he spent many of his school years in the US, furthering his bilingual Korean/English skills. Language barrier is one thing that keeps many Korean artists from testing the American market, and JK’s bilingualism has been working in his favor throughout the duration of his Drunken Tiger career. Surely, it has already set the foreground for his entrance into the American media..

Some wonder if JK’s US songs will have a similar sound to “I Want You” (난 널 원해), “Do You Know Hip Hop?” (너희 가 힙합 을 아느냐), and “Monster,” which had an American hip-hop style mixed with the Korean language. However, no one knows how his US songs will sound like and how it will differ from current hip-hop artists.

No one knows what’s in store for JK’s US career path, but we look to Jackie Chan as an example. He suffered very early in his career in show business, considering him as a “Clint Eastwood” type character who had a limited success run. But after returning to the Asian market, he improved his “Kung Fu acrobatic,” and went again to the American market, but this time achieving great success in the United States.

Main Source: Nate News

Much love to DrunkenTiger Brasil for the update (and thank God for Google Translate!)

-Miss DrunkenCamp


6 thoughts on “[news] TIGER JK “I’m planning to break into the US music industry.””

  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about – I think JK’s got a good shot at making moves in the US. Best of luck to him and the entire crew!

  2. no doubt he’ll succeed in the underground platform – hope that success carries through and through. wish him and yoon mirae the best of luck in their US launch

  3. I’m wit it.Let’s go!!!! I think he would really have a good shot.I would love it.And T is a beast on the mic so dope.

  4. Yo JK, dats wuss good homie! Yall should come do a show out here in Miami, FL. I’ve been reppin DT since tha 90’s, and although I’m an 80’s baby, I still haven’t seen a show from yall yet! Get @ yo boy. 1.


  5. Man I been waiting for this day. Haha, JK and the rest of the drunken, including movement artists has always been my top fav for a decade and im only 25 without a single ounce of korean blood in me, and through them and most of my friends, I was even influenced to learn the language.

    This will be a good move, jack this world and make it yours, homie.

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