[photos] Monueal Autographing Session (Tiger JK & Yoon MiRae)

On a rainy day in September, fans lined up for a free autographing session in MyeongDong’s Shinsegae Department Store. The most dedicated of fans lined up early, however, once the two walked through the stores’s electronics department, a crowd swarms out of nowhere to catch a glimpse.

The two are the spokespersons for Monueal, a cunning edge electronics brand. Within a short hour, the two attended to 200+ waiting fans from a variety of ages. (Moment of the Day –  little 4 year old girl asks “What is your name?” and JK responds “호랑이[Tiger].”)


Of course, I could not go without fulfilling a request. Although I love autographs, there are others who deserve one more. A few days before, DTBrasil mentioned they were aiming to get JK on the top trending topics on Twitter Brazil. Lo and behold, the morning of the autographing session, they pulled it off.

Leaving JK feeling overwhelming thankful and expressive on his autograph to them:

Thank you, Brasil and DT Fam worldwide!

credits: first photo from Newsis

-Miss DrunkenCamp


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