[news] A Boss Like No Other! Tiger JK, Captured Helping Staff with Assembling Yoon Mi Rae Promo CDs


Rapper Tiger JK was seen helping out with his wife’s newly released single, “Angel.”

Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae’s record label Feel Ghood Music released the above photo via their official twitter account (https://twitter.com/FGHmusic), with Tiger JK actively helping other staff members with hands on work.

Tiger JK, dressed in casual attire, is seen sitting on the floor attaching stickers onto Yoon Mi Rae’s promo CDs. This is a contrasting image compared to his powerful stage presence, bringinig a smile to many fans.

Tiger JK also showed his friendly side, collaborating with his employees naturally (Tiger JK is the CEO of Feel Ghood Music along with Yoon Mi Rae).

Feel Ghood Music added the following comment to the photo, “Here you can see CEO, Tiger JK, working with Feel Ghood staff attaching stickers onto the Promotion CDs. Our CEO is actively participating in all tasks.”

Fans had many adulating comments:

“There is no CEO like Tiger JK.”
“Tiger JK is the best!”
“I want that CD!”
“Looks fun, I want to join in!”

Tiger JK, has contributed immensely on Yoon Mi Rae’s “Angel.” He featured on the track as well as the music video, where their kiss represented that they are each other’s angels. This kiss scene was hugely popular with fans.

As the song is about attaching wings of hope to those that need a helping hand, Tiger JK has most definitely becoming Yoon Mi Rae’s angel.

“Angel” is YoonMiRae’s first single track to be released under her new record label Feel Ghood Music.

Since being released on December 8th, the track has then topped all major music charts and has been received positively by critics.

Credits: SportsChosun
Translator: JSK

Drunken Tiger International 


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