[news] Rock Legend Jeon In Kwon Confirmed to Feature in MFBTY’s Upcoming Album

Jeon In Kwon and Tiger JK – the two ‘beasts’ in the Korean music scene- will collaborate on MFBTY’s new album, scheduled to be released on March 19th, 2015.

The album is reported to have numerous features included, such as Rap Monster from BTS. Jeon In Kwon, a power rocker from the Korean legendary rock group, DeulGukHwa, is a vocalist where as Tiger JK is a rapper. They reside in different parts of the musical worlds, but they both have the ‘legend’ imagery associated with them. They are often called ‘free souls’ with their non-restricted philosophy and way of thinking.

Tiger JK has been heavily associated with tigers since his musical career began. He has incorporated it into his music videos as well as album jackets, whereas Jeon In Kwon with his flourishing ‘Lion Hair’ has become his trademark look. With these two veteran artists collaborating, everyone is anticipating the incredible music that will be created.

Their acquaintance was made possible by their mutual friend, Yoon Do Hyun, from YB band. Tiger JK respectfully requested Jeon In Kwon to participate in MFBTY’s upcoming album, which Jeon In Kwon agreed with no hesitation.

With everything that has been announced thus far, fans are curious more than ever about MFBTY’s new album.

Source: Donga Sports
Translation: JSK

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