[Lyrics] Official Translation for TigerJK’s “Is This How It Is/I Know”

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Is this how it is(I know)
I know I know I know


Is this how it is? That’s how you gon be? No no no no
Silly of me to expect something else
Come to think of it, I think I’m a fool myself
for falling for the same dam lies again (stop)

Verse 1

Hey you scumbag! Am I the only one sees through your bull?
Ain’t nobody seeing what I’m seeing? Why is everyone looking the other way with that “I didn’t see anything look”
Honestly, honesty ain’t the best policy these days because it could get you hurt.
Most of the games’ fixed, and fights’ rigged by mobs that clicks, well anyway.
This motherf*cker who stepped on my shoes the other day was mad at me for being stepped on, telling me it’s my fault for not getting outta his way,
he said “Conscience” is a word of past,
and I’m a fool for not catching up with time
Perhaps , maybe that’s the truth
Maybe this motherfucker is being my friend


Is this how it is? That’s how you gonna be?
Silly of me to expect something different
Silly of me to fall for the same damn lies again

Verse 2

Predictable ah’s and oh’s
Predictable yeah and huh huh huh
Predictable expressions, smiles, tears and scripts.
Predictable questions in predictable orders and obvious answers
Predictable like democrats and predictable as republicans , predictable hellos and predictable good byes
Greedy bastards among thieves who steals beliefs.
Is it just me? Am I the only one who sees through they bull?
Honestly, honesty ain’t the best policy these days because it could get you hurt, I know
but I don’t want to hear these motherf*ckers preaching a lie telling me conscience is a thing of a past. The world seems to be turning backwards, and I don’t know where I am anymore

Is this how it is? That’s how you gonna be?
Silly of me to expect something different
Silly of me to fall for the same dam lies again
I used to love her, love her lover
I used to lover her, love her lover
Wanna take her back hoping that shit stop

[MV] Feel Ghood Music Secretly Drops Tiger JK’s new MV “I Know”

On  July 1st, TigerJK tweeted a teaser promo photo for his new single, “I Know,” marking July 2nd as its release date. Only a mere hours later, FeelGhoodMusic felt 24 hours was too long and dropped the music video early as a treat.

“I Know” takes on a different format from a traditional MV, appearing more like a webisode and only including part of the song. In the video, we see TigerJK peacefully reading at a bus stop when two thugs (Bizzy & Dino) suddenly kidnap him and stuff him into a car trunk. TigerJK raps his verses while trapped inside, his verses standing in for his screams.

The full song will still drop on Itunes and other download sites tomorrow, July 2nd.

DrunkenTiger International


[news] Actress No HaengHa To Star as Bizzy’s Love Interest in MFBTY’s “6AM” MV


Actress No HaengHa has been selected to be the main star in MFBTY’s upcoming MV for their track, “6AM.”

The above photo released 3 weeks ago shows the actress with MFBTY at their Itaewon filming location. 

MFBTY’s track “6AM” is about a couple in love, but break up frequently. MFBTY member, Bizzy, and NoHaengHa will reenact the song’s story.

No HaengHa can be seen every Tues-Thurs 7am in the drama series ‘Forever Young” as Junhee, where is she gaining much popularity.

Source: SportsWorld
Translation: JSK

-Drunken Tiger International


[Interview] Korean Hip-Hop Supergroup MFBTY Made an Album Just for Their Twitter Followers


Noisey interviewed MFBTY recently and discussed with them the origins of their name and the meaning behind their album. MFBTY had nothing but good things to say about the people who inspired them to continue on past all their struggles.

So the name MFBTY came out of this community you found on Twitter of K-pop fandom?

Tiger JK: When I started tweeting, the first group of people that actually started talking to me was from Brazil. So just imagine—we didn’t think we were popping in Korea, and someone from Brazil will talk to us! And I was like “Hey, how do you know me?” And I was chatting with them and they were from different fandoms. And it was sort of an inside joke between them, ‘cause I was kind of like the UN for all these fans from different groups. The inside joke was “my fans are better than yours,” so the fans made the name. One day it kind of snowballed into something, and people were writing MFBTY graffiti in London and Spain and Italy, and we became something like a cult.

Read more here: Noisey Interviews MFBTY




[news] Tiger JK’s “Nice To See You Again” MV Scenes Explained

[From NaverMusic]

Feel Ghood Music’s CEO, a member of hybrid group MFBTY, Drunken Tiger. He goes by many different names. He is Tiger JK, known for his charismatic stage presence as well as his articulate lyricism and storytelling abilities. He has returned with his new single “Nice To See You Again (반가워요)” working alongside Lumpens as a co-director.

Tiger JK participated in the production, shooting of the MV, as well as writing and composing the track itself. Although he did face some concerns from his work colleagues, he stayed with his original concept. He worked on the storyboard, artistic direction, and set contruction so that it portrayed the exact emotions and circumstances he wanted to show on screen.

Tiger JK’s Love Letter – 반가워요 (Ban Ga Wuh Yo – Nice To See You Again)

tigerjk fanletter nice to meet you

This track was made to reminisce about his long time fans, like a musical present to say thank you for sticking by his side.

It is also to reflect on the changes that we faced and the solitude that we feel from the current environment we live in. “Nice To See You Again” reaches out to those fans, who are a little bit older than they used to be (and may even have kids of their own who may enjoy Tiger JK’s music also).

This track has a soulful bass line as well as a bluesy guitar and piano lines. It is interesting to note he has utilized lyrics from his earlier tracks such as “Do You Know Hip Hop” “I Want You,” and “Good Life,” indicating that he is waving his hands to his loyal fans who used to be active in his Korean fanclub, Tiger Balm (www.dt-love.co.kr). This track may sounds like a love song to the younger crowd whereas for the slightly older folks, this may come across as more of a reunion with an old friend where you may feel a bit of awkwardness and happiness at the same time.

“Nice To See You Again” is a greeting to his old fans that still remember and support Tiger JK. It will be interesting to see what kinds of other musical gifts he will come bearing next time around.

Scene 1: Who’s that dude with a boombox and a megaphone walking around in UiJeongBu?


Within the busy main strip of EuJeongBu, Tiger JK is seen walking around in casual clothes, equipped with a boombox (won from his claw game adventures), portable disco light, and a megaphone. There are murmurs and whispers and before you know it, people were taking photographs and uploading them to their social media account stating that Tiger JK appeared in UiJeongBu. If anyone was there and felt shy to say hello to him, please feel free to put your hands up when you see him next time!

Scene 2 Director Tiger, There is no such thing as an impossible task!


With Director Tiger in charge, it was very hard to predict what was going to happen next. When he saw a sky lift while walking around, he asked the owner whether he can go on it and shoot a couple of scenes in it. Tiger JK poured a lot of energy and emotions into each scene like a true professional. Thank you to the owner of the sky lift who allowed Tiger JK to go on it!

Scene 3 Location booking failed, so where to shoot now?

Tiger JK really wanted to hire a location such as a run down motel room or a hostel room in UiJeongBu. However, all the rooms looked ‘too new’ and wasn’t to Tiger JK’s liking. So what does he do? He makes his own room! And it looks like…


This is one corner from his Feel Ghood Music’s head office. Tiger JK moved all the furniture that was originally there out of the scene. He then placed a vintage TV, a broken refrigerator, and a skill tester machine to set up the perfect scenery for his music video.

We see writing on the walls, a makeshift bed, a stand, a chair, a table, mufflers hanging on the wall, photos as well as portable burners, these items were all obtained by Tiger JK. Don’t miss his “pet dog” hiding in the corner.


Check below to see the whole MV one more time:

Translated by JSK

Drunken Tiger International

[Official Translation] Tiger JK’s “Nice To See You Again”

Feel Ghood Music has released the official translation for Tiger JK’s “Nice To See You Again.” There were a few subtle old school Drunken Tiger homages. Did you catch them all?

Verse 1)

Thought forever meant infinite times
but forever was something that lasted long enough to become our past,
and it went fast
We promised that our love would never fade
And that wasn’t a lie
You told me I’m the only one you’ll ever love.
You would nod your head to my heartbeat to let me know it’s true.
Somewhere in your mind full of thoughts racing,
you always found a spot to scribble my name
Thought forever meant infinite times but forever was something that lasted long enough to become our past,
and it went fast

Do you think of me at times
Do you smile thinking about back when?
do you miss me now
did you miss me


Nice to see you again,
how you been
Do you remember me?
Good to see you,
it’s been a minute
Do you remember?


Don’t you ever compare our love to them comets,
just a little spark, quickly vanishing lights, we ain’t like them other fools in lust that got caught up for a hot second.
We used to point them out and question their love like what do you know?
Those times we would hear ‘you and you WACK’ [DT1- “Do You Know Hip-Hop?”]
I still see it in your eyes
I am the one and only
I am your number one. [DT1- “I Want You”]
Many drunken nights
And drunken fights [DT3-“Good Life”]
Love , friendship , and we become one.

Do you think of me at times
Do you smile thinking about back when?
do you miss me now
did you miss me


Nice to see you again,
how you been
Do you remember me?
Good to see you,
it’s been a minute
Do you remember?


Love was real
I still have your love letter that you sent me
You wrote “To my dear I will always love you … Forever ”

-Drunken Tiger International


[MV] TIGER JK Releases Single “Good To See You Again;” Explains All His Instagram Posts

After the colorful time travel piece that was MFBTY’s “BangDiggyBangBang,” the drop of Tiger JK’s newest single “Good To See You Again,” comes as a complete 180 to fans. The bluesy single is a love song with references dedicated to Tiger JK’s fans, but the music video does not take on the traditional love song video formula.

The simple video takes viewers through Tiger JK’s Uijeongbu neighborhood, all areas he cites as places that are part of his everyday life. We also see a vision board and flashbacks of his career highlights, a special trip down memory line for fans.

However, what fans may be shocked to see are the spliced dream sequences that take JK through different, sometimes questionable, adventures. When asked why he made such a video, JK stated he wanted to show fans a realistic reflection of both himself and situations that do happen in real life.

Long time fans of JK know that he is no stranger to keeping things simple. In the past week, JK posted a series of old photos (see here and here) showing how he used to rock shows. In one photo, he shares:

Tiger JK couldn’t afford stage clothes and didn’t give a F. Just walked up to the TV shows and performed. All I needed was a mic and my rhymes.”

His low budget MVs are signature to him, showing after all the fame, he is a simple guy who does not live the flashy celebrity life. “Good To See You Again” the MV is a time trip for his loyal fans, while also showing how his down to Earth personality has not changed.

-Drunken Tiger International


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