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[news] Tiger JK Offers Fans The Opportunity To Be On The Next Album

19426_1007779172568880_7699780317092849006_nPeople have been trying to collaborate with Tiger JK for as long as we could remember. In an ironic twist, Tiger opened up the doors and is now asking anyone, musically inclined or not, to submit soundbites to him that he can include in what appears to be an MFBTY album. The main requirement is for the person to send a greeting or saying MFBTY in their own native tongue. Cursing, joking, laughing, and other “actions” allowed. He gave no time restraint, but we can imagine it needs to be only a few seconds (15-30 max). A phone recording is fine, but make sure you’re clearly audible. If you’d like to participate, send your soundbite to mfbty@feelghood.com asap.

In a related story, videographer, Lumpenss, posted this below photo of MFBTY sitting with BTS’s, Kim Nam Joon, in the Feel Ghood Music studio. We’re not sure what it means, but we’re interested how this potential collab will work.


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[news] Tiger JK Cameos On Korean Saturday Night Live’s Season Premiere

Rapper Tiger JK appeared on Saturday Night Live Korea’s first episode of the 6th season. Tiger’s witty remarks were mainly about the high prices Korean students pay for their university.

He appeared on stage during “Global Weekend Why” corner [similar to American SNL “Weekend Update”] as a publicist going by the name of “It’s Hurting, Must Be The Young People.”

He made comments about the exorbitant tuition fees which was met with loud exclamations of agreements from the audience and later praised by viewers.

Saturday Night Live Korea (SNL) season 6 is a live comedy show airing every Saturday at 9:45pm.

Credits: Osen
Translated by JSK

[news/video] Highlights From Arirang After School; The Meaning Behind “Angel” and How MFBTY Really Are

Last night, MFBTY did their first and last interview for the year on Arirang’s Afterschool, a program where fans use Google Hangout to communicate with the stars directly. A year off screen took a toll on fan curiosity, and the group was not afraid to admit what they were up to during that long hiatus. (Warning: Spoilers ahead. Watch it first here.)

They started on a lighter note, with Tiger complimenting how nice the chairs were and how he was too broke to afford it. Tasha admitted her favorite color is purple, to which the hosts, Eric Nam, & Jimin, tempted her to take the purple chair back to the FGM office (Though we can’t imagine how hard that would be to haul from Seoul to UiJeongBu).

Tasha Purple Chair

The crew have been coordinating their own marketing tactics, and Bizzy admitted he asked fans how to say “Angel,” in their own language. After some light laughs about botched pronunciations, they talked about how “Angel,” came about. The song was sitting in the archives for nearly 4 years, but came alive as they felt it resonated with their recent experiences. The death of Tiger’s father was one of noticeable influence, but Bizzy also went through some family struggles during the year, particularly with his mother. It brought Bizzy back to the death of his grandmother, and the culmination of both thoughts led Bizzy to write to the “Angel” beat, with Tiger and Tasha following.

black angel wings

Some mysteries about the music video were also revealed, and while it seemed that the cinematography had deep meaning, we found out the meaning evoked was actually accidental. The famous black angel shot was randomly constructed by Lumpens overnight, and the black and white shot was done moreso for simplicity than emotional response. What fans take away from the video is up to them, and MFBTY is all for open interpretation.

INTL On Screen

DT INTL also got some screen time, and we asked Bizzy and Tiger to explain why they chose Bizzy to be the winner of the famous boxing scene. Turns out this was a product of randomness as well, with Lumpens shooting them shadow boxing in through the night. We also found out Bizzy spends more time in the ring versus the studio, a decision Tiger is not too thrilled about (Side note: Tiger admitted Bizzy’s new “pecs” help with the ladies, leaving Tiger a bit jealous. Boss, you’re married.)

Fans were later invited to ask questions to MFBTY directly, but we have to thank Julisa from Texas for having the best request. A few days ago, Feel Ghood Music released two pieces of hidden camera footage (here and here) of Tiger dancing to a beat made by producer, KonDQuest. The fam jokes often of Tiger’s “funky” moves, and Julisa was thankful for FGM’s shared video. She requested an encore; Tiger obliged.

Tiger Dance Kevin Hart

Arirang confessed later that they also interviewed MFBTY’s managers about them. The management team only consists of two people, so the load they endure is not light. The group was at first excited to hear what they would say, but just like the rest of the fam, their managers were honest… brutally honest. The management are MFBTY’s ride home to Uijeongbu, and we have a feeling that 1.5 hour ride was very very awkward.


On a happier note, sister site, BizzionaryINTL, was lucky enough to be in the personal hangout with MFBTY. While the show didn’t let admin, Nisa, ask questions on air, she shared with us this post interview shot of her talking with Bizzy and MFBTY directly. It was their technical first time “seeing” each other, and Bizzy being the quiet one he is, had to be teased by Tasha and Tiger to open up more to the head of his fanbase. She asked who his angel was, and the answer was as you would expect.



There were many other great moments from last night that words cannot explain. See the awesomeness again at Arirang’s Youtube channel.

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P.S. These were the greatest fans we caught in the online audience. Can we nominate them for an Oscar?

[news/show] Come live chat with MFBTY on Arirang’s “After School Club”


MFBTY was recently invited to appear on Arirang’s, “After School Club” which will air December 23rd, 1PM KST.

“After School Club” invites fans to interact with their favorite celebrities via Google Hangout. Fans from all over the world can share thoughts and questions with the guest(s) of the day.

If any of you would like the opportunity to speak with MFBTY through Google Hangout, apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ra_QPOlly0MjggPCnIjq3ft7ASNnzcwGQWfxYZHvX3Y/viewform

If you would be interested in being a member of the audience instead via the Internet, apply here:


-Cheryl S. 

[news] A Boss Like No Other! Tiger JK, Captured Helping Staff with Assembling Yoon Mi Rae Promo CDs


Rapper Tiger JK was seen helping out with his wife’s newly released single, “Angel.”

Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae’s record label Feel Ghood Music released the above photo via their official twitter account (https://twitter.com/FGHmusic), with Tiger JK actively helping other staff members with hands on work.

Tiger JK, dressed in casual attire, is seen sitting on the floor attaching stickers onto Yoon Mi Rae’s promo CDs. This is a contrasting image compared to his powerful stage presence, bringinig a smile to many fans.

Tiger JK also showed his friendly side, collaborating with his employees naturally (Tiger JK is the CEO of Feel Ghood Music along with Yoon Mi Rae).

Feel Ghood Music added the following comment to the photo, “Here you can see CEO, Tiger JK, working with Feel Ghood staff attaching stickers onto the Promotion CDs. Our CEO is actively participating in all tasks.”

Fans had many adulating comments:

“There is no CEO like Tiger JK.”
“Tiger JK is the best!”
“I want that CD!”
“Looks fun, I want to join in!”

Tiger JK, has contributed immensely on Yoon Mi Rae’s “Angel.” He featured on the track as well as the music video, where their kiss represented that they are each other’s angels. This kiss scene was hugely popular with fans.

As the song is about attaching wings of hope to those that need a helping hand, Tiger JK has most definitely becoming Yoon Mi Rae’s angel.

“Angel” is YoonMiRae’s first single track to be released under her new record label Feel Ghood Music.

Since being released on December 8th, the track has then topped all major music charts and has been received positively by critics.

Credits: SportsChosun
Translator: JSK

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[news] Artists and Peers Praise YoonMiRae’s “Angel”

IMG_8457“Angel” continues to dominate the music charts, sitting at #1 on Korea’s Genie, Mnet, and Olleh digital download sites. The single was also received well by YoonMiRae’s peers who left the following comments to the MFBTY crew:

“Feel Ghood Music!!  <3<3<3<3<3 너무 감사해요 MFBTY!! LOVE AND BE LOVED! 행복하세요 everybody!!” – rapper Dok2 (@notoriousgonzo)

“미래 타이거 비지. 홧팅!!: Angel MV 윤미래 with 타이거JK & 비지 1,2 jap jap & counter. spread it!!” – singer & style icon, LeeHyori (@frog799)

“역시!! 최고~!!!“@Bizzionary: #ANGEL #윤미래 #FeelGhoodMusic
기분 좋은 음악!!” – rapper and TV personality, Haha (@Quanninomarley)

“라됴에서 Angel 틀자마자 봤어요 와우! 곧 봐요 형!” – rapper, Tablo of Epik High (@blobyblo)

Congratulations to our FGM fam for their great success!

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[editorial] 7 Things You May Have Not Noticed about Yoon Mirae’s “Angel” MV

Now that you’ve watched “Angel” (probably on repeat, for an amount of times you don’t want to admit), you probably have questions about the scenes in the video. Our observant eyes can confirm some references, but there are subtle inserts that we’re putting out there for you to interpret. So in case you missed it, here are some Easter eggs explained:

1) The Feel Ghood Toilet

TigerJK ToiletFor as long as we’ve known Tiger JK, he’s been a master of subtle jokes. We have no doubt that this was one that came out of his creative brain. Tiger stands alone staring at a toilet that reads, “Feel Ghood,” and an arrow pointing to the seat. “Take a load off and relax” just took on another meaning.

2)  The Featured Designer


The crew rocks a red pullover with a look reminiscent of the golden days of 90’s hip-hop, an era that all three members love. The logo’d out neoprene pullover is from Korean designer KYLLYK SPECTRUM. The pullover costs roughly $128USD and is up for purchase along with other designs also worn in the video.

3) The Promo Had Color, The Video Did Not

promo photo

Even though we’ve watched the video an endless amount of times, it took us hours to realize there wasn’t an ounce of color used. We spent weeks looking at behind the scene photos, showing off the great splash of color on those refreshing outfits. Looks like director, Lumpens, wanted to mute that so that we could focus on the main message. Well played, FGM. Well played.

4) Luckiest Fan Alive


Through the first 1/3 of the video, Bizzy is seen wearing a hoodie with the words “Lord Bizzy” on the right sleeve. This hoodie was given to him from a fan he met at MFBTY’s 2012 performance at Singapore’s Music Matters Conference. That lucky girl is probably having a heart attack right now.

5) Bizzy’s Revenge? (Update: CONFIRMED!)

BIzzy Ending MV

If you can remember back to 2008 when Bizzy was still a solo act, he was shot in his video for “The Day After We Broke Up.” The shooter? Bossman Tiger. Tiger has a smug look on his face while Bizzy is left for dead in his car. The last scene we see is of Bizzy, half dead, trying to follow the girl he fell in love with (who ironically planned the shooting with Tiger and ran off with him). How is this related to the “Angel” music video 6 years later?

knockoutThis time we see Bizzy, healthy and fit, knocking out Tiger in the boxing ring. We’re not 100% percent on this one, but we don’t think Tiger will try to kill Bizzy again anytime soon.

6) G-PA

Angel - GPA

Tiger JK was extremely close to his father, seeing him as both a guide and friend. It is only appropriate that the first “angel” referenced during his verse is his father, which then is followed with a scene of Tiger and Tasha kissing. When JK endured the worst of his myelitis, he admitted he was dangerously depressed, but it was Tasha’s love that kept him hopeful. Thus, Tiger’s two angels: his father and his wife.

7) The FGM family

When Feel Ghood Music was established, they stressed that they wanted to keep the label very family oriented, working only with actual blood family and then those who they felt they could trust. Almost every member of the Korea team appears in this music video.

familyphotoThe Work Family (FGM staff, Centered Left: Lumpens and his wife)

angelfamily photo 2

The Work/Blood Family (Centered Left: Jason Park with family, Tasha’s cousin and resident FGM producer)


The blood family


The behind the scenes staff, GDW Films (works with Lumpens)

angelfamily4No explanation needed. This one deserves to be in a portrait book.

Did we miss anything? Enlighten us! 

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[news] Yoon Mi Rae, brightens up LA night with Tiger JK, Go Soo, and Han Ji Min

unforgettable event

Yoon Mi Rae was invited to KoreAm/Audrey Magazine’s annual Unforgettable awards ceremony held on December 5th at the Park Plaza Hotel in LA. She was joined by fellow MBFTY crew members, Tiger JK and Bizzy.

This annual event, sponsored by US London Trust Media (LTM) brings successful Asian-Americans from all walks of life ( entertainment, journalism and sports) and recognizes them for their achievements.

Psy, Actor Sandra Oh, and golfer, Park Se Ri, were some of the people who attended previous ceremonies. This year, baseball player Park Chan Ho, actor John Cho, and Youtube Sensation David Choi were present. 

Yoon Mi Rae was nominated for “Best Global Artist” and attended with her crew members, Tiger JK and Bizzy.

Actors Go Soo and Han Ji Min were nominated for being actors with high expectations in 2015.

Singer G.na along with DJ Smells performed on stage and got a positive response, but it was Yoon Mi Rae that stole the night. Being invited 2 years in a row, there was media frenzy whilst she was performing on stage.

Yoon Mi Rae, is due to come back on stage with her new single, “Angel,” with Tiger JK and Bizzy featuring on the track.

Side Note: We were tweeting reports and photos as the night progressed. See photos here.

Source: XportsNews
Translation: JSK

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[video] Second teaser for YoonMiRae’s “Angel” Released

With less than 48 hours to go (it’s already Saturday in Korea), Feel Ghood Music released another teaser for YoonMiRae’s “Angel.” This one gives us a preview of YMR’s vocals rifting with an accompanying piano. We’re treated to what looks like a potential kiss between her and husband, Tiger JK, but that’s all FGM will let us see for now.

2 more days.

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[news] Yoon Mi Rae Collaborates with Korean Rock band, Guckkasten


Feel Ghood Music announced that Guckkasten’s guitarist, Jeon Kyu Ho, will be collaborating with Yoon Mi Rae in her new upcoming single ‘Angel’ – due to be released on December 8th.

Even though Angel is in the pop genre, the two artists were able to connect musically via acquaintances’ recommendations and Jeon happily agreed to collaborate.

It will be interesting to see how Yoon Mi Rae’s sentimental vocals will match up with a rock guitarist’s sound.

Plus, the MV will be directed by Lumpens, who previously worked with the legendary, Mr Jo Yong Pil, as well as SISTAR and Jungigo.

As this is Yoon Mi Rae’s first single after the establishment of her music label, Feel Ghood Music, they have formed a ‘dream team’ for this single – Yoon Mi Rae, Tiger JK, Bizzy, Guckkasten and Lumpens.

Feel Ghood Music stated that this song tells us that, “Anything and anyone can be an angel in this world and attach the wings of hope. Whether it be your family, love, a movie or even a passerby’s pleasant smile’ they hope this song can become an angel to those that are having difficult times right now.”

With Yoon Mi Rae’s proven track record (most recently, she swept the #1 spots with her Drama OSTs (Master’s Sun – “Touch Love”, and It’s Ok, It’s Love – “I Love You”), there are high hopes and expectations with her new upcoming single, Angel.

Source: Osen News
Translator: JSK

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