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[photos] Shots from first live performance of “The Cure”

On October 3rd, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, and Bizzy had their TV debut of “The Cure,” courtesy of MBC. Contrary to their usual highly energetic set, “The Cure” live set comprises of the 3 performing behind standing mics, a first in DT history. Of course, the crowd was treated to older high energy classics, such as “Get It In,” “Good Life,” and “I Want You.” However, as always with any DT performance, expect the unexpected. JK breaks through the audience barrier and performs the song while walking through the crowd and then ending “Get It In” with him relaxing on the moving camera wheelie. See photos/video below.

P.S. My camera went out during “The Cure,” so unfortunately I don’t have the full footage! Fans will have to wait until the broadcast is released.

Tiger spontaneously autographs the speaker with his microphone


Tiger hitches a ride with the camera wheelie


Best Week Ever for Yoon MiRae? (Successful fan signing, meets w/ Dre, XXL feature)

On August 18th, Yoon MiRae held a fansigning at Seoul’s grand 4-floor mall, Times Square Mall. Although the signing only lasted an hour and a half, she was warmly greeted by over 500 fans waiting for an autograph. The fansigning was part of her endorsement for HP, and HP set up a special oversized keyboard and integrated it into a dance-like game for her (think DDR/Pump It Up… with 26 steps!)

While Mirae was greeted by fans young and old (and some weird), the real highlight of the day came later when she, Tiger JK, and Bizzy met with Dr. Dre for an informal meeting. Dre, who was touring with Eminem, was simultaneously promoting his successful line of headphones, Beats By Dre. Dre specifically asked to meet with the representatives of Korean hip-hop, and being JK was the first Korean artist to receive his own Beats line, it was no surprise he and his wife were invited. Coincidently, Eminem’s touring DJ, Alchemist, is a close childhood friend of JK’s, and the meeting resulted in talks about a possible cross-cultural collaboration.

The good news did not stop there.

On August 22nd, XXL’s Eye Candy column highlighted Korea’s best female rappers, with Tasha rounding out the listed. What a good week for Mirae!


[exclusive] HD photos/video from UiJeongBu International Music Festival

In their native town of Uijeongbu, a small city an hour out of central Seoul, Tiger JK and Yoon MiRae closed their city’s 20th International Music Festival with a special concert. While they were the main names on the bill, the two surprised the 1000+ fans by bringing fellow label mates, JoMoonGun, and new hip-hop group, MIB, to perform an extended Jungle Entertainment-only concert. As a result, their performance differed from their normal set, with even MIB members rapping the first verse of “I Want You/난 널 원해” with Tiger. Below are exclusive front row HD shots/video from the performance.


“Get It In” with Bizzy, Jo Moon Gun, MIB

“I Want You/난 널 원해” with Bizzy, Jo Moon Gun, MIB

In other news, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae, Bizzy, and MIB are to perform at Music Matters Live 2012, an annual music industry conference. This year’s conference is being held in Singapore, and will broadcast live at 9PM Korea time (8AM EST, 5AM PST).


[media] Tiger JK & Yoon MiRae Tear Down Hongdae Station (Musically)

April 28th, Hongdae Subway Station— With the fastest Internet in the world and a population open to new cellphone technology, many of the world’s wired mobile advancements are first launched in South Korea. The country’s largest cellphone carrier, SK Telecom, recently announced its phones will now offer the largest LTE (4G) data service in the country. SK’s LTE service also allows its members to stream free music from Korea’s largest online streamer, Melon, directly into their phones without using up data. SK teamed with Tiger JK to garner fans to their website, offering free concert tickets to select fans who partake in one of their online promotions.

In an effort to continuously stand out above its competitors, SK held its promotional concert in no ordinary venue. Korea is well known for its timely and convenient subway, but commuters often complain its service is not 24 hours. SK used this to their advantage, holding JK’s show at Hongdae subway station after hours. Of course, fans invited were oblivious as to how the company would pull this off. How and where would you pull off a concert in an ordinary subway station?

Outside the turnstile exits of Hongdae’s airport subway line stood a group of fans and random signage with JK’s face. The exits are wide, but still fans were left in the dark where the actual show would be. Around the ticket tables are pseudo red carpets where concert goers could take pictures with a life size JK cut out.

Fans are distracted by the cutout until 12:00pm, when the subway shuts down for the public. They are then instructed to line up near the East bound train turnstiles. At 12:30pm, the crowd is directed downstairs into an empty train, which a few minutes later suddenly closes its doors and takes surprised passengers to the next station (Digital Media City).

As the train pulls into Digital Media City, fans anticipate getting off and going to a secret location for the concert. However, the doors remain close and the lights suddenly shut off, throwing some into a panic. Dance music starts to play and SK staff walks through the train cars announcing everyone is going to a concert/party soon. Still, fans are left questioning if the concert where the venue actually is.

The train suddenly moves back west to Hongdae station, this time arriving on the West bound side of the train tracks. The doors open and a shrill of screams lets out as concert goers realize the show is on the actual platform. A mad dash to the stage occurs, passing through a now JK branded subway platform.

Fans are treated to promos featuring JK and a DJ building anticipation with recent dance hits. Around 1:30pm, JK’s DJ, DJ Juice, appears on stage and hardcore fans scream knowing the show is starting.

As usual, Bizzy starts the set and builds the energy. Bizzy’s set usually starts with “Run,” a track from  Yang Dong Geun’s  4th album which him, JK, and Tasha featured. Veteran fans know the sight of Bizzy at a show surely means JK will follow, and then after wife, Tasha/Yoon MiRae.

JK doesn’t disappoint as his joins Bizzy to perform a DT’s classic, “Do You Know Hip Hop?” As JK comes out, the barrier holding the fans back shakes. JK is the first to fully step out to the crowd, causing a panic for his bodyguards. After performing “Monster,” and entertaining the crowd with jokes, Tasha joins the crew for True Romance.

The husband/wife duo always treat the crowd to a small dance in the middle of the set.

With its peaceful melody, True Romance calms the nerves of the crowd, but gets them ready to start jumping as the trio starts the hyped “Pay Day.

However, the highlight of Tasha’s set is her online single, “Get it In.” Regardless of the crowd, “Get It In” guarantees the crowd will be jumping along with the crew mid song. (Warning: I was close to the stage, almost too close. As a result, the lights affected my camera’s focus and there are parts where it’s hard to see. I apologize!)


“Get It In,” is the apparent show closer, but fans demand the crew come back to the stage for an encore.

Soon after, the crew comes back to close with another Drunken Tiger classic, “I Want You.” Seeing the crowd enamored in the performance, JK takes the opportunity to step off stage and embed himself into the crowd. Midway through, his adrenaline tells him to take a fan’s cellphone with him, leaving her in uneasy excitement. (Again, light warning.)


Fans are always happy that JK is willing to mingle.

The crew leaves the crowd in high spirits. One fan’s love for JK is reignited to the point she wants to kiss his lifesize cut out.

And as the show ends, the subway station empties, but remnants of JK’s presence and a unique concert remain. Kudos, SK Telecom, I definitely will remain a loyal customer after this show.

[news] Tiger JK graces the Entertainment section of the LA Times

The name Drunken Tiger has not headlined a US concert in nearly 7 years. So on the eve of his much anticipated Los Angeles concert, the Los Angeles Times has also taken notice of the artist whose name will be highlighted on The Wiltern’s distinguished marque tonight.

Only a few Korean artists have had the opportunity to have their own feature article in prestigious publications, with the singer, Rain, taking the crown after his frontpage feature in the New York Times in 2006. However, JK’s extensive interview in the LA Times comes close for the win. The article highlights how Drunken Tiger, despite facing censorship in their initial debut in Korea, became one of the first artists to be successful with overseas fans. While the international market’s interest in K-Pop has evolved so quickly and made it easier for fans to learn about him, JK also expresses his mixed feelings about its success.

To read the whole article, visit The Los Angeles Times’ Entertainment section.


[show] R-16 KOREA 2011 @ UiJeongBu Arts Center – Free DT Performance

Being recently named the ambassador for the R-16 B-Boy Festival, Tiger JK will be performing at next week’s Korea eliminations in his hometown, UiJeongbu. Luckily for those fans on a budget, the show is completely free. However, fans are advised to go early as tickets/seating to the show will start being distributed at 3PM. Final competitor rounds will be at 6pm followed by JK’s performance.

Date: June 4th

Time: Best 8 Battle 6:00PM followed by concert (ticket distribution starting 3PM)

Place : Main Theater at ‘Uijeongbu Arts Center’ in Uijeongbu City [see map below]

Price: FREE


Battle Section : B-Boy Crew Battle / Popping Battle / Locking Battle





Directions To Venue:

Option 1: Take line 1 (dark blue) to UiJeongBu Station, Exit 2. Take a cab to the arts center. The cost should not exceed the base fair by much. (approximately $4-$5).

Option 2: Take line 1 (dark blue) to UiJeongBu Station, Exit 1 or 2. Take bus #207 to the center.

Credits To: R-16, Korea Tourism Organization (directions)