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[news] MFBTY Sell Out First Concert; New Single Next Month and Solos 2016


Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy–otherwise known as MFBTY–held their first solo Concert at Seoul Hyundai Card Understage on November 20th, 2015.

This concert was especially meaningful to them as this was their very first solo concert after forming the project group MFBTY. The fans responded accordingly, with the tickets selling out within hours. The fans ranged from the teens, to the 20’s + as well as lots of international fans confirming MFBTY’s status as a true global group.

MFBTY, which stands for My Fans is Better Than Yours rocked the stage harder than ever before with their signature energetic stage presence and this was felt all throughout the crowd.

MFBTY started the concert with “Welcome to Wondaland” and Drunken Tiger’s classic, “Do you Know Hip Hop,” creating a huge sing-along.

“Do You Know HipHop” with acoustic arrangement

MFBTY continued with Drunken Tiger’s classics such as “Good Life,” “I Want You” and “Monster” before heading off to YoonMiRae’s world with “Angel,” “Black Happiness,” “Soul Flower” and “Pay Day.” Finally, they came together in Wondaland’s space by performing “Sweet Dream,” “Get It In” and “Bang Diggy Bang Bang,” hyping the crowd even more.

YoonMiRae “Get It In”

Tiger Jk explained to the crowd the meaning behind the MFBTY name, “MFBTY is not just our group name. It’s love, philosophy and the way of life.” He continued, “We all have our solo works lined up for release. Yoon Mi Rae is releasing her long awaited single in December and Bizzy’s solo album is waiting to be released in 2016.”

Combined with a talented acoustic instrument team, MFBTY delivered a memorable show for fans.

“Monster” acoustic

The idea of MFBTY came about when the three decided to create music they weren’t able to try out as individual musicians. “Sweet Dream” was their first single which was released in January 2013. Since then they worked together in tracks such as Drunken Tiger’s “The Cure,” and Yoon Mi Rae’s “Angel.”

In March this year, MFBTY’s first full album, Wondaland, was released. To much surprise to the fans, the genres included in the album varied from Hip hop to rock as well as electronic, garnering extremely positive reviews from fans all over the world.

The MFBTY members are planning to concentrate on their individual works going forward.

Translated by JSK
Source: AsiaToday

-DrunkenTiger International


[vid] MFBTY Threw It Down In The Kitchen and Made Us All Hungry For Fried Chicken

MFBTY is now among the many Korean acts jumping on Naver V App, a phone app that lets celebs create their own channel and stream what they’re doing at the very moment. Last night, MFBTY took over the kitchen at Hopscotch restaurant, a Seoul establishment specializing in a variety of Western food. Their mission? To impress head chef David with their creations.

Want to taste some of the creations? You can’t, because Bizzy ate it up after the winner was announced.

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[News] Some of MFBTY’s “Eagling” Lyrics Came From Eagles Fans

The Hanhwa Eagles’ new cheer song, “Eagling/Fly Like An Eagle,” by MFBTY was exciting news for most, but questions arose when The HanHwa company brainstormed the new anthem.

Hip Hop? In a cheering song? Is that possible? After MFBTY released their track, no questions remained. “Eagling,” proved MFBTY’s musical abilities once again and reaffirmed them as some of Korea’s top musicians. Most importantly, it helped reaffirm The Hanhwa Eagles’ position within the National Baseball League.

With new recruit, Esmil Rogers’ spectacular defense, and now “Eagling” blaring on the speakers, the dedicated Hanhwa Eagles fans are flocking to the stadium and their TV screens.

“Eagling” was inspired by the comments left on the fan pages and then embedded into MFBTY’s lyrics. With The Eagles recent brilliant performance and “Eagling” cheer song, it certainly looks positive for the team.

Ever since its release, the fans had one request: make the song purchasable. The track, “Eagling” was such high quality that many requested it to be released as a single. However, due to the digital music market technicalities, the HanWha company were not able to release the track for purchase at first.

Due to the ever increasing popular demand, Hanhwa Eagles and MFBTY mutually agreed to release the song, with all proceeds going to charitable organizations or other donations.

“Eagling” full version was released on August 13, 2015. It can be downloaded via Itunes & Melon.

Original article here: Ilgan Sports

Translated by JSK

-Drunken Tiger International

[vid] Fans Remake TigerJK’s “Forever” MV for Birthday; Features MFBTY

Video by Michael Aronson (마익흘)

Happy birthday to boss man, TigerJK!

About a month ago, Tiger JK released his single, “Nice To See You Again (Forever),” which was a tribute to his loyal fans. So, for this year’s birthday, we at DT INTL wanted to return that gift back to him and reenact his music video.

There are some guest appearances that many will be surprised to see.

Thank you to all the people who helped make this gift possible.

Happy birthday, #TigerJKForever.

-Drunken Tiger International


[Lyrics] Official Translation for TigerJK’s “Is This How It Is/I Know”

[Courtesy of Feel Ghood Music. Download now on Itunes.]

Is this how it is(I know)
I know I know I know


Is this how it is? That’s how you gon be? No no no no
Silly of me to expect something else
Come to think of it, I think I’m a fool myself
for falling for the same dam lies again (stop)

Verse 1

Hey you scumbag! Am I the only one sees through your bull?
Ain’t nobody seeing what I’m seeing? Why is everyone looking the other way with that “I didn’t see anything look”
Honestly, honesty ain’t the best policy these days because it could get you hurt.
Most of the games’ fixed, and fights’ rigged by mobs that clicks, well anyway.
This motherf*cker who stepped on my shoes the other day was mad at me for being stepped on, telling me it’s my fault for not getting outta his way,
he said “Conscience” is a word of past,
and I’m a fool for not catching up with time
Perhaps , maybe that’s the truth
Maybe this motherfucker is being my friend


Is this how it is? That’s how you gonna be?
Silly of me to expect something different
Silly of me to fall for the same damn lies again

Verse 2

Predictable ah’s and oh’s
Predictable yeah and huh huh huh
Predictable expressions, smiles, tears and scripts.
Predictable questions in predictable orders and obvious answers
Predictable like democrats and predictable as republicans , predictable hellos and predictable good byes
Greedy bastards among thieves who steals beliefs.
Is it just me? Am I the only one who sees through they bull?
Honestly, honesty ain’t the best policy these days because it could get you hurt, I know
but I don’t want to hear these motherf*ckers preaching a lie telling me conscience is a thing of a past. The world seems to be turning backwards, and I don’t know where I am anymore

Is this how it is? That’s how you gonna be?
Silly of me to expect something different
Silly of me to fall for the same dam lies again
I used to love her, love her lover
I used to lover her, love her lover
Wanna take her back hoping that shit stop

[MV] Feel Ghood Music Secretly Drops Tiger JK’s new MV “I Know”

On  July 1st, TigerJK tweeted a teaser promo photo for his new single, “I Know,” marking July 2nd as its release date. Only a mere hours later, FeelGhoodMusic felt 24 hours was too long and dropped the music video early as a treat.

“I Know” takes on a different format from a traditional MV, appearing more like a webisode and only including part of the song. In the video, we see TigerJK peacefully reading at a bus stop when two thugs (Bizzy & Dino) suddenly kidnap him and stuff him into a car trunk. TigerJK raps his verses while trapped inside, his verses standing in for his screams.

The full song will still drop on Itunes and other download sites tomorrow, July 2nd.

DrunkenTiger International


[interview] YAM Magazine Talk Long Time Friendships w/ MFBTY

In this interview with YAM, MFBTY had the chance to talk about the family they work closely with, (special focus on Tasha and EE’s friendship) why they created Wondaland, and they give a deeper look into their song, ‘Rebel Music’.

Hello! While many of the YAM writers are familiar with MFBTY and were very excited when Wondaland came out, can you please give our readers an introduction to MFBTY in your own words?

Tiger JK: MFBTY is a pop trio that makes wonderful pop music. Yoonmirae is our leader, Bizzy is the face, and I am the father that fathered all of our styles. MFBTY is an underground pop music group that was made accidentally on a social network. Our fans are better than most because they can abandon us at any given time!

Yoonmirae: My name is Tasha, but I’m better known as Yoonmirae or T. For more information about myself and MFBTY please check out our website.

Bizzy: MFBTY means My Fans Better Than Yours aka mother#ckin’ Bizzy, Tiger, Yoonmirae aka My Father’s Better Than Yours for Father’s Day.

Read more here: Ghood Vibes: Interview with MFBTY


[Interview] Korean Indie with MFBTY


The record hits several different genres throughout its nearly hour-long runtime. What inspired you to explore different territory for WondaLand, and what was the process like in bringing different musical worlds together?

Yoon Mi Rae: We just went wherever the music took us. We didn’t stay away from particular sounds or chords in fear of sounding like this or that. Whatever felt good we ran with.

Tiger JK: Being introduced to new languages, artists, and stories from all over the world. This all came from dreams we had.

Read more here: Korean Indie Interviews MFBTY

[Interview] Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-Rae & Bizzy Team Up for MFBTY Hip-Hop Supergroup


Can you tell us about the origins of the concept of the MFBTY project, how it came about?

Tiger JK: The origin of the concept for MFBTY came from love. And it came about in the loveliest way. Our album “WondaLand” is a K-pop fantasy world where everybody loves Bizzy, Tiger, and Yoon Mi-rae.

Bizzy: People who are lost in their own lanes, they all deserve to be happy in this “WondaLand.” “My Fans Better Than Yours” is what MFBTY stands for.

– See more at: Blouinartinfo Interviews  MFBTY

[news] Rapper San E: “When I Was Younger, I Dreamed of Being Tiger JK”

While talking about his childhood on YooHeeYeol Sketchbook, rapper San E admitted that he wanted to be like Tiger JK growing up.

When San E first explored how to rap, he stated that when he moved to the US, he was told by his parents to learn to rap fast in English and not use Korean.

Coincidentally around that time, his Korean-American friends gave him Drunken Tiger’s 2nd album. It had been so long since he had listened to Korean music and he found himself enjoying the album a lot. Because of this, he got into Korean music again.

Host Yoo Hee Yeol asked if San E ever met Tiger JK. San-E replied, “I did, and I said to him, ‘Hyung, I was a kid who grew up listening to you, and look at me now.’ He then gave me the coolest hug.”

Source: TVReport
Translated by MissDrunkenCamp